Thursday, October 17, 2013

My iPhone's History!

This is iPhones
This is almost one month from iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C first released, and maybe this is a good time to
(もうすぐiPhone 5C と 5S が発売されてから1ヶ月ほど経とうとしています。良い機会なので、これ)
talk about what kind of changes from iPhone Originals. Well, I can talk about this from my iPhone's 
history.I use iPhones since iPhone 3G, but I like my iPhone 5 since I am only able to change it once a 
(についてだけです。iPhoneを使い出したのはiPhone 3Gが出たころで今ではiPhone 5を使っています。)
year for first several years iPhone 3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S.
(iPhone を毎年買うチャンスがあったので買っていて使っていました。)

This is iPhone 3G
First iPhone 3G (まず最初はiPhone 3G)
This one was released on July 11th, 2008, and that was totally changed design from iPhone original which 
was released in 2007. That iPhone 3G had 3.5 inches display, and it had a first 3G connection phone ever 
(変更したものです。iPhone 3Gは3.5インチのスクリーンと初めて3Gスピードでの携帯通信が可能と)
it got. But first, I couldn't get it because I was away from USA, and I had different company that time 
also. However, when I came back that time, I decided to change phone company with my roommate, so 
that way it was a good time to buy it since people were already bought  it. Well, then I got it on 
(ルームメイトと一緒に契約をしてiPhone 3Gを購入しました。その頃にはすでに人気熱もおさまって)
September 19th, 2008 right before my birthday! 
This is iPhone 3GS
Second iPhone was iPhone 3GS(次はiPhone 3GSです。)
This one was released on June 19th, 2009. So again I went back to Japan for summer vacation, and it
was contract wish iPhone 3G until September 19th, 2009. Both way, I needed to wait for few months 
again, then I can buy it cheaper for upgrade that time. So I decided to buy it after I can get upgrade 
discount. However, I waited to get this iPhone 3GS until my birthday, so I can remember when I bought 
it.  Well, this design is not change, but speed of memory reading and HDD has been increased from 
iPhone 3G.
(iPhone 3G よりも増えたことです。)

This is iPhone 4
Third iPhone was iPhone 4(3つ目はiPhone 4です)
This one was released on June 24th, 2010, and that time I was in Japan again. Also, I didn't want to get it 
because it didn't come with white color same time with black one. So I waited for long time and I 
decided to buy it on November 17th, 2010. Also, that time I waited but white won't come until 2011, so I 
decided to buy iPhone 4. I knew in 2011, iPhone 4S should comes up anyway. This time, I still be able 
(わかって、iPhone 4Sがでて来るんだから早めに買おうと思い買ったんです。まだこの頃までは、)
to get upgrade discount since I was paying for near $70 per month for data and basic plan for this line. 
AT&T had deal for upgrade who are paying more than $60/month will be able to upgrade once a year. 
This time, model design was changed and had better cellphone signal receptor and better quality of 
screen so on.  

This is iPhone 4. 
Fourth one was iPhone 4S (4つ目はiPhone 4Sです。)
This one was released on October 14th, 2011. I got new phone on same day of when iPhone was started
released. It was not change that much that time, but I knew this will be my phone for this year and 
next year until I can buy iPhone 5. So I decided to buy it that time. design wasn't change much, but 
(iPhone 5を買うまでは使うというだろうと憶測を踏んでかいました。ただ、携帯の電波が良く入る)
speed and cellphone connection was increased, and I could connected with my local place where I live. 
But this was first time I order online to get new phone too. Well, it was a good phone to use  until I 
got iPhone 5. 
(4SはiPhone 5を買うまですごくいい機種だと思っていました。)

This is iPhone 5. 
Then finally, iPhone 5 
It was released on September 21st, 2012. However,I didn't even think about to change it until sometime it 
was on December 21st, 2012 and it is for myself to Christmas present. I was trying to wait to get an 
(2012年12月21日に自分へのクリスマスプレゼントとして購入しました。実は今年のiPhone 5Sを買う)
iPhone 5S this year (2013), but I got my friends gift card present for $50 for BestBuy, and BestBuy was 
(までは待とうかなと考えたんですが、折角BestBuyのギフトカード50㌦分とBestBuyがiPhone 5の機種)
discounting for iPhone 5 was $50 off. So I got it iPhone 5 that time. However, it had some kind of bug 
on iPhone 5, so I went to back to the store and they had only open box one for one left. Then, I found 
that store people will discount around $100 off from the price with other discount and gift card. So I 
paid $213.45 (¥15349 ) for iPhone 5 64GB one. I was so happy about it.
Well, this is all my story of iPhones for history! I hope everyone is enjoy reading it.

I hope you will have a great day!

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