Friday, September 30, 2011


Today, I was working at several different places from 11am to 5pm... lol

But after that, I was looking at my place and thinking about how to change for myself to look at some stuff... But I couldn't think about it.. lol

Well, I just thought that I should think about that 1950's Fire King what I have and I was really happy to see some of them now!

Here is 1950's what I have at my place. :)

Fire King Azurite Charm 1950 - 1956

Fire King Ivory 1955

Fire King Jade-ite 1952

Fire King Game Bird 1959 - 1962

Fire King Honeysuckle 1959 - 1962

Fire King Laurel 1951 - 1965

Fire King Swirl Pink 1952

Fire King Swirl Pink Cup and Saucer 1953

Fire King Turquoise Blue 1956 - 1958
 Fire King's 1950's the most famous one is this turquoise blue, because these dishes and cups made only 2 years of period which from 1956 to 1958. So, it is hard to get all of them. Also, this color is really expensive to buy from antique stores! But I got all of them not that expensive :) So I am gooooood for feel like this all what I have! Y(^a^)Y
Fire King Turquoise Blue 1956 - 1958

Fire King Turquoise Blue 1956 - 1958

Fire King Davy Crochett 1958 - 1959 

Fire King Sapphire Blue 1941 - 1956
Those are what I see my cabinet for 1950's styles, and I like to use all of them as long as I can have some dinner or lunch with it!

Also, I like to use them all everyday and every way!

Year of 1940's

I was thinking about today at my kitchen and looked at all my stuff over cabinet which is Fire-King, Pyrex, Cornell, and Federal dishes and several mugs.

I should post my blog for several different way.

First, I will post 1940's dishes what I have! hehe It's not much to show here pictures... but I am going to put as much as I know....!

Here we go!
Fire King
Fire King Alice Vitrock/Blue Trim 1945 - 1949
Fire King Alice Vitrock / Blue Trim Set 1945 - 1949
Fire King Alice Jade-ite 1945 - 1949

Fire King Alice Seriese Cups and Saucers 1945 - 1949
Fire King Swirl Azurite Fruit bowl 1949
Fire King Swirl Azurite 1949
Fire King Swirl Azurite with Dinner
Fire King Swirl Sunrise 1949  
Fire King Sunrise with dinner
Fire King Jade-ite Pitcher 1948
Fire King Jade-ite Alice and Pitcher
Fire King Jade-ite Mug
Fire King Bubble Set 1948

Fire King Swirl White Cup and Saucer 1949
Fire King Swirl Cups and Saucers 1949
Fire King Ivory 1948 - 1956
Fire King Ivory Custard Cup 1949
 Those are my 1940's Fire King Glassware, and I am going to update for some more 1950's, 1960's and so on...

I just like to know what year it was made some of my things! I am so happy to know all of that. 

Please let me know if someone knows more about this year history about Fire-King!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I think I did well this exam

I think today's exam what I took I did well enough, and I think I got around 85~90% of answer was correct, but I wasn't sure 3 questions... I wish I had more time to study for that three questions what I didn't sure about.

But it's over that exam, so I shouldn't think too much about it because I can not do anything anymore to change the exam answer. Also, I know that I got more than 80% of answer was current since I knew that answer really good! So I am happy with that anyway!

So now, I need to study for next exam which I have two week to study and I still have more time for study for next lecture's quizzes! So I am really happy for that I have time for study quizzes and exam!

Well, I will post some other things tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Study Study Study

I am going to study for all night tonight, because I have exam next day.

My exam won't start until 11am, but I don't have much time for study this exam. Well, I am sure I am ok to take and ready to take this exam! I hope I will do my best for this exam...

I will try to write up after exam how it goes, but I hope I can say I did well on this exam! :P


Go back to Study!

hope everyone has a great night!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Studying for Exam tonight and tomorrow

I have Exam coming on this week and probably next week and after that week...

I just don't like much that but I have to study for that, also I want to get at least 90% of point for these exams. If I possible to get it!

Well, it is ok for if I get 80~85% but I want to get nearly 90%!

hopefully, I will have a good luck study for this exaM!

I will be very very busy next few weeks, but I will be happy after all finished up.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I got some stuff...

I got some card from my friends~!

I am so happy to see that all. I just had a nice day of rest day which was a great day, but I had little bit bad fever...

Well, I am ok after that...

But still I have exams coming up this week... oh yeah I need to study for that!

I just need to study for next few days and I will have little bit of rest time.....

Oh one more!

I just got some stuff... good to know

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Birthday!!!

I had a great birthday today! I got some presents and some good time with my friends. I am so lucky person to be here in Greenville, NC.

Also, thank you for writing Facebook wall for wishes to me everyone. I am so happy to see all of messages from you guys and I am the lucky person to be there.

I am so happy to have my birthday on Sunday.

Thank you so much.

My Birthday

Today is September 25th, which is my birthday!

I am glad to have my birthday on Sunday, and have little bit good day of the year start~!

It's nice that I have several people already said to me "Happy Birthday". I am so glad that people remember that when my birthday is.

Yesterday, I got some antiques, and it came to here at my house.

here is the pictures
Fire King Primrose Snack Sets

Pyrex Sunshine (1981)

Fire-King Primrose Snack Sets with Ice-cream Cake 

I like to see that kind of thing and have a fun to eat like that with drink! It's nice to see that kind of things! Because it is nice to see the dishes and cups during eating some things, and same time you can look at them. That makes my feeling warm and better also make me a good time before setting up this, during eating and after eat food. After eating, I usually happy to see all this design, and how nice to have those dishes and good time I spent it. I am sure this is what I can do in America at my house!

I hope I will have a great day of my birthday!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I had a good last day of 29 years old!


tomorrow, I will be one year older, and will start new years! lol

Well, hope everyone has a great SUNDAY!

Great Dinner

I didn't wanna make dinner tonight and I went to get some food from Outbacks Steakhouse.

I like to eat that food and I am happy to eat. I hope I enjoy my last minutes of 29 years old. lol

One day before

Today is actually, one Day Before my Birthday, and I am kind of melancholy mood... Oh well, I can not avoid this Birthday event every year anyway, but still I like to not think about it...

I hope I will have a great year start tomorrow and have a good day today and tomorrow then go back to school work and classes!!! Yay! New start again!

Oh year this is much much much better than I just keep to my mind now.

Oh wow... Almost my birthday is there! ahaha

Well, hopefully, I am going to be ok after all! lol I will be ok anyway!

Pyrex SunShine

Pyrex cups in pattern "Sunshine" from the Traditions Livingware line circa 1981.

One of the four colorways from the Summer Impressions line designed by Candace Faber, this is the only colorway with two colors: green and yellow.
These 5 ounce cups measure 3.75" across and 2.75" tall.
These cups are in excellent condition with complete patterns, no staining, chips or cracks.
Microwave safe, made by Corning USA.

Pyrex Sunshine

Microwave SAFE!!!
I am so happy to get this information for Pyrex Cup which I like to get some day. It's nice to see what's going on and I see that when I born year is same as this Cup made and design came to the world from Pyrex! It's nice to know what year it made!


Well, hopefully, I will have a good weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I had a good meal of dinner which I made a lot of things today. Also, I used Fire-King Turquoise Blue dishes. I wasn't sure what to use but I use most of the dishes what I can use.
(今日の夕食は自分で作りました。\(//∇//)\ そしてファイヤーキングのターコイズブルーの食器を使って並べてみにした)

I like to use those turquoise blue dishes, and this is what I like the colors now. I have only several dishes I can use for decorating dinner like that.

Below you can see my dinner looks like.

Hope you will enjoy it :D


Oh my my this is two days before my birthday...

Oh yeah, I am going to get one year older in two days.... Awww!

I hope I have a great time during my birthday, but I am not so sure yet. However, I am sure that I will have a good time with some of my friends and some of people who I like to spend time with. Also, some of my friends asked me to go out tonight, but I have some stuff going on, so I really couldn't go out.

Well, I am sure what's my Birthday would be... lol Well, it's just one year older and going toward to ....

Well, it is nice to have my birthday once a year event, but sometime I just want to forget my birthday if it is during week... because I am really middle of something, and I couldn't enjoy... But this time, my birthday is on Sunday! That is luck to me! Because I don't have much things going on usually on Sunday! YaY!!!

Well, Hopefully everyone has a great Friday and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011



I had a good day today... I was so happy that I was not much things mistake... lol :P

Well, I am sure what's I need to do,  and I will be happy to do that. Also, I am working on a course with my education professor which is a good opportunity for me to know how to create backboard things!


Oh yeah this is last minute to put on my blog for today! lol I didn't think I didn't post the blog ahaha

Tomorrow, I will go to a junior high in the morning, and then I have some time to work on my software project for this semester!

Oh yeah, I need to work harder and harder to finish a lot of things!

I hope I will do much things for tomorrow!

oh well, just need to do some stuff! ...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

really hard for me ...

I have some difficult time today after I woke up, and I had some stupid mistake.

But now, I am getting ok and I am so happy some of them what I did. However, I kind of not good mood for sometime. Then I am ok. Like I have some kind of wave of mood comes and goes.

I am sure right before my birthday, and after my birthday I will be different and after all, it will be ok!
I just need to think about what it is best for me right now.
Also, what I do is my best anyway.

Well, hopefully, I have a good night sleep and have a great time!

Oh yeah, here is what I had last night before I go to bed.
Fire King Azurite with Tea Tazo Passion
ファイヤーキング アズライトで
That was really good, and I really like to get some more, but where I can get I don't know! (O_o)/

Hopefully, I will find one!

Oh yeah..... I hope I will find one!

Hard TIme to Sleep

I am having hard time to Sleep right now....

I am not sure why but I really wish that I could sleep right now. I don't know why I can not sleep but I just not really able to sleep....

I am going to try to sleep and I am so tired right now, but I am really not able to sleep yet....

I just hope I am

Oh yeah... I have headache and some reason I am cold. I don't have fever or something, but I just really not sure what's going on yet.

Oh tomorrow morning, I need to do some stuff for my professor! I should finish that now? or early morning?

Well, I was really really tired now but I am not sure I am really not able to sleep... huh...


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fire King Turquoise Blue

I really really like color of Fire King Turquoise Blue, but it is really expensive to buy them. But maybe some day I will have all of sets and have dinner with that.

I made some food and I use what I have for Turquoise Blue Dish.

Fire King Turquoise Blue and Azurite Blue
Both are my favorite dishes and I really like to use when I eat soup, rice, and so on.

I hope some day I have 4 sets of dishes and have a good dinner with my friends at home using this kind of dishes! ahaha maybe later later my life ahaha :P

Monday, September 19, 2011

I miss friend

I miss my friend now... it's so nice to have friends from Japan when I am in here, but now I miss him though... I had a great time, and it was really really fun time!

I know that he will visit me again sometime later or next year. I will try to keep up with him and hopefully he will come visit here again so have a great time again. Also he will be able to go to some places where we couldn't go this time.

So I am trying to find out what I can do now. ahaha

Oh yeah, now I am so happy to have all of things! YaY!

Oh yeah hope everyone will have a great time!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Sunday

I had lunch with my Japanese friends and new coming Japanese students at ECU. I was late to go there, and didn't have much time to talk to them, but it was good time to meet with them.

Then I went to some shopping for party, but after that I was little bit tired.....

But when I went to surprised party, then I woke up ahaha :P

It was good Sunday since I came back to here... lol ahaha

I hope I will have good Sunday again next week!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Tonight, I will be alone because my roommate is stay in the hospital with his grand-father, and he will be back here tomorrow morning before I go to lunch.

This is good time to stay in here alone, and hopefully nothing happen! lol

I just want to think about what I am going to do this semester and need to figure out what I am going to focus on my thesis more details! It's good time to do this kind of thing for myself alone time. Also, I am going to clear about my mind too! YaY

Tomorrow, I will go to lunch with Japanese friends in Greenville, NC, and after that I have some party with people! I am so excited about that. But I have to finish all work before I go to that two events tomorrow... ahaha

Well, I hope I will have a great night and fun night!

Friday, September 16, 2011


I went to see a movie called "Contagion" I love to see this kind of story, but it was really sad and emotion comes out some parts. 

Here is the movie poster and some screen scenes 

I am sure that I like these scenes and part of movie. Also I am sure sometime this would happen to real time but not like movie.... I am sure what we can predict for this.

Well, I am off to bed soon but I like to share my thought of this movie!