Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today, I had a wonderful day. Because I got into one Graduate School at East Caroloina University Master of Art in Anthropology. I am still need to figure out what I want to do for my two years of Gradaute School life. However, that is great news for me, and I was really happy that time.

Then I have a new position which is President of International Student Assosiation (ISA) next year. Start Fall 2008 to Spring 2009 right now. I am happy to see that information go through it with SAG at ECU.

Now, I am looking forward to talk with one professor who will support me as Graduate School at ECU. I need to have a great time when I have conversation with her.

Oh well, I don't have not much to say right now..


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Summer Vacation ? or not Summer vacation?

TODAY, finially my summer vacation starting and hopefully, this summer will be better! However, my summer vacation is short and won't be that 3 month long vacation....

Because I need to take one summer class start on June 26, 2008!

Oh well, I am in Libaray at East Carolina University.


Just short comment kind of nothing important.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Well, I totall forgot to update my Bolg LONG TIME!

I haven't update my Blog more than 1 year.... I didn't know I haven't written anything until yesterday what I wanted to posted about Senator Hillary Clinton. It wasn't help her much in North Carolina to gain some delegates, but it was not much surprised about it. However, people need to think about once again who could be get good president for next 4 to 8 years in the United States.

I am sure people will know nominee in June from Democrat party. If Obama is nominated, he will be great person to running for President, however, I am still thinking about Sen. Hillary Clinton is better. Her solution to problems for Americans. I am for sure right now, American people are having hard time and getting much difficult life.

But once we get a democratic President elected, that time it could be change to get better as next 4 years until 2012. Hopefully, that will be happen. Also, Either Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama needs to win this year in Norvember, 2008 to get Presidency! That is the most important step for American people for Decision 2008!

I am really happy to know everyday coming up events and following this biggest event for my 8th year of US staying.

I hope Sen. Clinton is going to win West Vergina, Kentucky, Oregon and Puerto Rico Big percentages. So maybe Sen. Obama could think about Sen. Clinton is important person for Democrat Party. Also, Superdelegates Will decide some point to have a great opportunity for them!

Anyway, I am glad to have this event to get into now. Hopefully, I will hear much better result coming up before this month over!

Sen. Hillary Clinton. I love her so much and hope She will
get nominated....

Sen. Barack Obama. I like him to be President
and He is looks very nice and new style person.

Found my old picture on Website!

I found one website where news reporter talk about me once when I was in Illinois.

I attended at Western Illinois University that time we had Fun Fest Festival for international event!

That was year 2003!

This year's International Fun Fest (2003) showcased a variety of talents from different parts of the world. From Middle Eastern dancers to a caricature artist‚ Western Illinois University students and Macomb residents enjoyed various entertaining acts.The International Education Office and the School of Extended and Continuing Education presented the fest‚ held Thursday at the Daily Grind from 6 to 8 p.m. "Al Banat Casablanca‚" which translates into "The Women of Casablanca‚" started the fest by performing Tribal Improvisational Style and Ancient Egyptian Style dances - both belly dances. The group‚ led by Anne Lobdell‚ is a community dance troupe with a repertoire of dances including American Tribal Style‚ Middle Eastern Folk Dance and Indian Folk Dance.A Japanese singing duo‚ Takashi Sato‚ followed the belly dancers. The duo sang while playing acoustic guitars. The pair performed a combination of Japanese and American classics including "You Really Got a Hold on Me‚" originally performed by John Lennon and George Harrison. Representing Chinese performances‚ Jing Yu‚ instructional technology and telecommunications graduate student‚ sang "Your Gaze." "I'm not a professional‚" Yu said about his career as a singer. "This is just for fun."A variety of other acts representing other parts of the world performed throughout the night. Miguel Lema‚ foreign languages and literatures assistant professor‚ and his performance group showcased Latin American music.As a supplement to the evening‚ a variety of international foods were served and a "Kids' Corner" was set up."Kids' Corner" featured origami paper folding‚ face painting and caricatures by Leo Kelly‚ who has been drawing caricatures for the last 10 years‚ hoping to make it his profession one day. Before the final performance‚ the children attending broke a piñata. The adults held the piñata on stage‚ while the children took turns trying to break it. When it finally broke‚ the children rushed on stage to pick up the candy.As the finale‚ "Al Banat Casablanca" performed a second dance. According to International Fun Fest Coordinator Erica Buechel‚ this was the second annual fest‚ and more will held in the future.

Media Credit: Alfiya Mufteyeva
Eiichi Murakami, freshman pre-medical major, right, teaches Tierra Lindley, 3 1/2, the art of traditional origami.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I can support Sen. Clinton.

I found out one reporter's comment from

"Eiichi Murakami, 26, likes Clinton so much he dragged his Obama-supporting friend Bruce Barmer to this morning's event. "She's supporting everybody, working (people) and everything," Murakami said. He and Barmer have long arguments about the candidates -- with Barmer talking up Obama's honesty and Murakami arguing that Clinton has the organization to get things done in the White House. " (By B. Barrett, Washington Co)

That was just before 15 minutes event started, and I wasn't sure that reporter was going to write about my comment what I said it. Because it was not much good information for what I said to her and it was really nice of her.

I am happy to see that and have a great opportunity to know about it.
I am really glad to go that event and had chance to talk about what I felt about Sen. Hillary Clinton. It was just my opnion but it is nice to said to someone like that.
I hope it could be good time to I know that.
Oh I can not wait to see that result comes out tonight...

YAY!!!! I got chance to see Sen. Hillary Clinton

Just went to "Hillary Clinton Attends a GOTV Event in Winterville." Now, I am glad to go there, beause I had chance to shake hand with her! That was coolest things ever had in my life in the US!

She was speaching in May 5th, 2008
This year is 8th year of staying in US and 3rd year of Staying in Greenville. I didn't think I would have this much opportunity to meet an important person for right now. This is really nice to see her in near Greenville, and have great things to shake hand came from Japan! lolI am glad to be I am staying in here and staudy in Anthropology right now. Also, when I shook her hand that time, I thought "OH MY GOODNESS Senator Hillary Clinton’s hand is so soft and warm!!!! How nice to have chance shaking hands with her right now this moment!!!!! " I am so happy and I could not have calm down yet!... so I am writing right now!

I am not only person lucky to have shaking hand with her anyway, but for ECU international (for Japanese)... maybe only me had chance that!I just wanna tell I am happy and hope she will be able to go on!Now I am really love her and I am glad to be her side now. I thought She had really weak point of her campaigning, but she doing a lot of improved! That is great things to change herself to get into on the way! Senator Hillary Clintion needs to get going on for President!!!!... Oh yeah, hope she are going to help university student a lot more so people can go to University too!...Anyway... I should quitting to say about it... It is too much to talk about just one thing! Hope I will get tomorrow result good...

Great picture!? Love her!

some video of Sen. Hillary Clinton shaking hands to North Carolinians.