Thursday, January 12, 2006

School Is Going Right Now!

Finally, I am updating for my Blog again! I totally forgot about this Blog, and I need to update for at least once a week or whenever I feel like to do it. ahahah

My school started last Friday, and I am taking 7 classes. I am having fun for those classes. I hope this semester will be better than last semester! I have one class for "Human Genetics," and it is not that easy class for me. However, I am so excited to take this class when I found last semester. Also, this class was called Human Genetics but textbook was "Medical Genetics." This is much better me to take class, because I want to go to Medical school after I graduate university! I hope I will have a great time and have fun with that class. Also, I need to write a paper about something I want to write for related to human genetics.

I am working on those days, and I have to finish my outline form soon maybe until next Wednesday. Because I told my professor to I will hope finish my outline until Wednesday next week and hope I will discuss about it with him after class or before class. I am so much fun with that class so far.

Oh by the way, I had a funny thing tonight and I was so much worried about my car and my roommate. Because he told me my car is not start on engine, and he could not pick me up. Also, he told me about his car is strange running, so I decided to take bus to go home. However, when I got back to my apartment and I went to my car, I look at why my car key is not come out and mycar is not start... I was so surprised about my roommate put gear for Reverse, no wonder I can not start engine and he could not start engine either. Also, he was so much worried about my car is not start and he told me very funny story about that... I will write more tomorrow because I have to sleep right now! I have class at 8am tomorrow morning!

Hope you all have a great and wonderful day!!!!