Monday, October 28, 2013

Today's Early dinner!

I was trying to figure out some kitchen cleaning online, and figure out some things. Then I went shopping
to several Grocery Stores in Greenville, NC. After, that I decided to eat early dinner for today. I didn't
eat lunch, and I was hungry that time. Well, it was a quick cooking for dinner. I cook Salmon Tataki.
Because that salmon was less expensive than usual, so I decided to buy at store where I went to buy
some grocery food and stuff. Well, I just cooked only Salmon Tataki. So it was really quickly to finish
and ate all after that. I just took pictures for dinner. Oh yeah, I just Fire King dish as well, but this time I
use primrose  ones. I haven't use that dish for long time. Well, I like that dish, but sometime I forgot that
I have it.... AHAHA. Well, I hope everyone enjoy your dinner time!

Here is my dinner.
Dinner: Salmon Tataki, Rice, Harusame Soup
Fire King Primrose dishes

Salmon Tataki

Soy Sauce from My hometown (Ashikita, Kumamoto)

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