Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good! Good! I am Glad ! (よかった!よかった!本当によかった!)

I am glad that I was find out that I am not only one claimed the copyright for videos on YouTube. I made a video and it was copied by another person. And the person copied my video and counter-copyright to me.... That means she/he was have right to put video for the site. I was so mad at the person and trying to find out what I can I do. So I was checking other videos the person posted if any of video was copied from other people's work. Well, what I thought that most of video I found that was copied from other people, so I am sure that people won't know that if the video is copied by another person or not. I told I followed people who I like to watch their videos. Finally, today when I try to access to the person who stole my video she/he was terminated from YouTube site. I am glad to see that, and now I don't need to worried about for that counter-copyright matter anymore. Thank you for YouTuber and other people who did notification of copyright. I hope everyone will enjoy watching YouTube videos!
termination notice... for other people
who try to go the channel for the person.

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  1. よかったね!