Sunday, October 13, 2013

Toshi Densetsu no Onna 2 : 都市伝説の女 2 (Woman with Urban Legend 2)

Woman with Urban Legend 2
Woman with Urban Legend 2 is started on Friday at 11pm, and I finally watched that drama now. I didn't watch that drama when Japanese broadcast was showing as usually, but this late was I was doing something other than watching TV anyway. But it is not too late to watch it. I guess. However, it is better to see that when TV broadcast was showing the drama that time. By the way, this drama has a great character which is Detective Otonashi, Tsukiko (Nagase, Masami)  who is main character of this drama, and Ms. Nagase is only act like that one. Oh yeah, this drama's main concept is urban legend search and trying to find what it is from some cases for connection. Usually, that won't happen, but Detective Otonashi is trying to connect with it, but find out that is not necessary to connect with case. But still she solve the case after all. That is a fun and great story for this drama.

DetectiveOtonashi Tsukiko
都市伝説の女2をやっと見ることが出来ました。というか見ようと思いながらもあとで見ればと思ってみていなかったというのもあります。日本で放送されたのは金曜日の午後11時です。なので、そんなに遅れて見たという事ではないようです。でも、やっぱりドラマは放送されているときに見れるのが一番いいですよね。それはともかく、やはり音無 月子(長澤まさみ)の演技はいいですね。あのキャラを出せるのは彼女だけでしょう。ただハチャメチャな都市伝説を追いかけながらも事件を解決に導くといったストーリーはおもしろいとことですね。第2シリーズという続編が出たのも人気があったからというのは納得できますよね。で、第1話の感想とまとめを少しだけ・・・
forensics officer Katsuura, Hiroto
The first episode of this drama was she is coming back from American, and will stay in the Japan for some events at Mt. Fuji area. Also, this is connect with some urban legend story. Then, the person who may have discovered a legend truth and will announce for everyone sometime during the event hold.... Then a murder case is happened in the morning when Detective Otonashi was met him at party yesterday. Then she is trying to find if this is Mt. Fuji's Legend story connected or not....  Well, she will find out this was not connect with what she thought, but still she is believed that she was give direction from legend people who lived in extensive forest of Mt. Fuji. 

Episode 1: Urban Legand of  Mt. Fuji Calls the Death

Will you watch next episode of this drama? (次週、このドラマを続けて見ますか?)
maybe???.... (たぶん???・・・・)

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