Saturday, October 12, 2013

SodaStream.... (ソーダストリーム)

I have been using sodastream for several weeks now, and I saved a lot more money than I thought of it. It cost $79 for first time, but it comes with starter kits. So you actually have 6 litter of soda with stream gas. So it was not that too much cost to buy it. I think this is easier to make soda and when you want to drink that time you can have it. Also, when you make it and drink it two or more days, you will save a lot more money than you spend to buy it. If you make 1000 bottles of soda with it, the cost will be $528.5 (so one bottle of soda cost is 523 cents). If you buy soda from store for that many it will cost $1890, so you will save a lot more money for that. When you go to school, work and trip, that time it is really convenience since what drink you want to bring from home and drink during school, work and trip. So you can save money that time too! Well, I just thought this is a good idea what you are going to make yourself for soda! Maybe you can try sometime.

here is sodastream picture

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