Monday, October 14, 2013

月曜 9時 A Clinic the Sea (海の上の診療所)

A Clinic The Sea : (海の上の診療所)
It's start Monday's 9pm drama. I haven't watch it until 5pm or so, and I am trying find that I like to continue to watch it or not. About this story is where the islands in Japan, there are no doctors to live and placed on Hospital, but a ship will go around islands for all over them. Then, a doctor was coming to there from Hokkaido, and he seems like little bit strange than other doctors. Well, it is new to them but still that doctor is main character for this drama. The doctor's name is Kota Sezaki. He is really lewd and want to get a woman's heart. lol Well, it is a good thing that some strange person for story. haha. 
Medical Examing Scene

Dr. Sezaki, Kota 

Summary for last half of episode. He was not really seems like a good doctor. However, when the doctor needs situation comes in he shows becoming a good one and give a great a diagnosis for patient. When they had a festival at small island then a person suddenly collapsed down at stage, then he went to take a look at the patient. Then they found that the emergency services on the mainland is not coming to the island quickly, so the doctors are decided to do surgery on the ship. Well, those island is a good to have this kind of doctors are coming to there and goes around. Oh yeah, this will be about it. It is a good drama. 
Episode one, Madonna


I am not sure I will watch this drama yet next week yet, but I guess I may watch it.
Will you watch this drama  next week?

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