Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fried Vegetable with Beef cook within 5 minutes!

I made this morning fried vegetable with Beef for one of my dish, but cooking time was only 5 minutes
before rice cooker was finished making rice. Usually, I take more time than that I thought, but when I
start cutting and cooking, I recognized that I made within 5 minutes for fried vegetable with beef. I will
show that how I made it.

Fried Vegetable with Beef
Fire King Azurite Swirl lunch dish
Step 1.
Cutting the vegetables (onion and cabbages).
Onion is 12 equal parts or just balanced to cut for one bit size.
Cabbage (1/4 of whole one)is cut for one bit size, and green onion for small shredded.
(キャベツ(1個の4分の1) は一口サイズよりちょっと大きめ位にきって、細ねぎは細切りにします。)

Step 2.
seasoning combination, I use seasoning for cooking sake 20~30 ml, Ajimirin (flavor sweet cooking rice
wine) 40~50ml, and light salt soy sauce 10~20ml.  Total is around 70~100ml.

Step 3.
Frying pan with one to two spoons of vegetable/olive oil and put on High heat.

Step 4. 
when it is getting warm put onion, then stir fry for onion until get all heated (before that 30 seconds of
microwave would be help to cook faster.) Then, put sliced beef and stir frying for 30 seconds.

Step 5. 
Cabbage, carrot, and Shredded Green Onion put into Frying Pan, and cook for 3 minites to all heated
and cook all of them heated ok then put seasonings. Then 1 minutes to finish cooking.

So total time is around/less than 5 minutes. My dish is really quickly to cook and trying to my best for
cooking meals. I hope this will help you to make lunch or dinner when you don't have much time or tired
to make food for yourself.

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