Friday, October 25, 2013

MacBook update has one disappointed point!

OS X Mavericks
OS X Mavericks has been disable to move forward and back in Finder on Trackpad. Previous
(OS X Mavericksでは、ファインダーないでのフォルダ移動がトラックパットを使って簡単に)
versions have been able to use that three finger swipe system forward and back for Finder, but now it
is disable and won't be able to use. It would make people to have some inconvenience, but people
will get used it for under this OS X Mavericks. Well, I was really liked to use that three fingers swipe
for forward and back in Finder, but now I need to do clicking. I hope next update Apple will change
back to have this one able to use.

Here is some shortcut system use for Finder forward and back little bit easier.
1. use shortcut keyboard keys
(① キーボードショートカット)
going to forward for Finder "comm + ["
(「進む」は「comm + [ 」)
going back for Finder "comm+]"
(「戻る」は「comm + ] 」)

2. use BetterTouchTool
(② BetterTouchToolを使う)
Downloads » BetterTouchTool, BetterSnapTool & SecondBar (リンク先)
This BetterTouchTool is making your own setting for trackpad, and this is free software. When you
start using this one, you will like and addicted for using this one.

that will make little bit easier to forward and back between folders in Finder.

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