Monday, October 28, 2013

昨日はちょっと疲れがたまっていたけど。。。(Yesterday, I was tired, but .....)

Yesterday, I was really really tired and I didn't even think about what I like to eat any at all... but still I had
a good dinner. I had a fried vegetable with beef, rice, and Soup with vegetable. Also, I made peach tea
for drink. I even think that will be a good dinner first, but after all my dinner was a good one for me. I like
to eat vegetables more now. ahaha. This time, I use Fire King Turquoise Blue bowl, Jadeite Jane Ray
lunch dish, Jadeite D-Mug, and Japanese miso soup bowl. So I had four different dishes and three kind
of color ones. I wanted to use all same dish, but I didn't use a lot of dish. So I decided to use different
ones. So that way, I can keep all dishes what I have I am going to use. It is not a good thing that I won't
use and just sitting there.

Here is my dinner picture.

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