Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Too much going on one week!

I have 30 minutes to go about my class now... I have a long day until Friday.... Hope I will be ok... I was kinda dying this morning, because I had Exam and went to class. Now, I need to go to Ecology Lab class until whenever it will be finished. After that I need to study for my Organic Chem exam tomorrow, and after that I need to finish writing about my Chem lab report this time. I have so many things to do everyday now... and tomorrow I hope I will get out of class until 4pm... but I might not be able to do that because of Chem LAB!

I need to study, study, study until this weekend, after that I need to read, read, read and read for my website assignment! Which so bad.... I wish I can have a long week for relax and rest of my sleeping....

my body is very bad condition right now, and I think I should go to see doctor. However, I have no idea what they are talking about sometime, so I decided to not to go and not need to know anything... until it gets wrose it!

Hope everyone has a great and wondefull day!


I might have a long week end of october... Because I have four exams coming up and I am not ready for any of those exam... I wish i could not have four exam one week.... and I could have two exams each week... However, it happens now.. so i need to handle out with that.....

I am so glad to be have a great and nice days those past few weeks... however, I am not very good mood a lot now.... But i need to be ok soon.

Wish me luck!


Today is Friday, and I should be happy for today and weekend, however, I amnot happy before my birthday.... Because next week Monday and Wednesday I have two exams .... THAT'S SUCK! Also, I have one quiz today, and I hope that Genetics quiz will be easy for me! Quiz question is only 5 or 6 questions, but I am not sure about that! Quiz covered about Mitosis and Meiosis... I know these terms of what functions are and I learned them when i was in high school. (9/23/2005)

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

oh good good but not good

Oh great… I am so stressed out today after my Exss 1000 class at 11am…. However, I could not talk to anyone about it. By the way, I am glad to I have job right now… That job is tutoring for one Japanese family for teaching junior high school and high school students for one to two hours. I was very very enjoyed about tutoring them tonight. Also, I had very good time with talking to their parents. I think I will be good at teaching Math, English, Chemistry, and other some objective studies! However, I need to study for Culture Anthropology Exam after that. But my mood was not that much, and I was sick anyway. I went to dinner with my roommate and my good friend, Toby. My roommate was hungry and so am I. Toby can speak little bit Japanese, and we talk about what Japanese culture is. I loved talk about what’s going on. Ahaha! I am going to study all night, and I might not able to go to class tomorrow morning. However, I have to go there and take some note during chemistry lecture class. I hope I am good at studying a lot of things one day, and I am very good student in here. Also, I wish I could use and know a lot of in English! I am not good at any now. I can teach in English, Math, Biology, Chemistry and some other, but I am not well enough. However, I am so good at Math and I can teach anytime after I graduate this university. Also, I love math, and I wish I could change to Math major and get math professor job in the U.S. A That will be very cool, and I might get job at ECU or any other university!

Oh well I need to go back to my and my roommate apartment now, so have a great days you guys!!!

Happy happy days everyone

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hopefull for my life!

Finally, I wrote second Blog in my site.

I was so busy after fall semester start..... I wanted to write some essay and Blog in here, but I did not have chance to write anything... That is so bad. Anyway, I am so bad on first Ecology Exam on Tuesday, I got 60.5% and hope I will get 67.8% end of next week. I hope someone can help me to write a paper this weekend or maybe tomorrow.... Hopefully by tomorrow! This weekend, I need to study for “Genetics” and “Organic Chemistry.” That so much sit stuff, and I don’t want to study on my birthday but I have to study this time… Because on Monday I have Genetics Exam and after that I need to study for Exss 1000 Final Exam! I am not well enough to take that exam, but I need to take that Exam…. Well, I hope I will have a great time this weekend, and I hope I will be ok. Tomorrow, my friend helps me to get out of the Ecology stupid questions, and hope I will have 5 points of that question answer to add my first exam! That way, I will get possible for my grade for Ecology Lecture class a B!

I wish I am very good at using in English, however, I am still learning in English and wish I could use translator for my first Exam at Ecology class. However, my professor is very not understandable person. I am sure he is not stupid, but he won’t understand what students need to his teaching! Anyway, I will be quiet until my headache harder.

Wish my luck this weekend and next week of Exams!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Almost Start Fall 2005

Almost start Fall 2005!

I had very interested day yesterday and today going.... I hope I am doing ok for everything... However, yesterday I was upset for Chemistry Department and thier stuff so much. (>_<)/ I CANNOT STAND UP WHO DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR OFFICE GOING, and also they even don't know anything who is going to do for registering student helping... I went there at 10am though 4pm! That was so wrong and I hate though kind of thing happen to me. However, it though ok to me now, but I hope not next time it will happen to me again.

Today, August 23rd, 2005 is last day of summer vacation for me and my friends at ECU. I hope I will hang out with them, and have a lot of fun together. But I am not sure becuase I have no idea about how's going everyone and everything for them.... So far, I had so much fun in here at Greenville, NC and ECU but I am not sure I will be ok or not!!!!

HOPE everything going ok, and hope everything will be good for me!

Also, I have a roommate in here, and he is so cool, wonderful, and best roommate for me! I am hopping to live with him a long time until whenever i need to move back to Japan or maybe forevera! \(@_@)/


Friday, July 29, 2005

Summer Vacarion Start!

Summer vacation is now officiall started today! However, I am still in Macomb and I will be in here until 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10th of August....

I have no idea... Because East Carolina University told me to come to over there until August 6th, but I want to stay in Macomb, IL.

BUT, BUt, But, but ..... I just wanna be in here until school start if i possible to stay in here, however, I have to move to Greenville, NC

Oh my mY MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will know about my grade officially on Monday, but already I know about tow of my classes grade; Those clases are COMM 241 and WS 190. I got COMM 241 for A by 94%, and Women's Studies 190 for A by 114.25% (>_<)//////

Ahahahahah, I am very good feeling of my grades, but I did not think about I would get that good grades for those classes....

I guess I studied those class very very hard and I am so glade to have my teachers to know well

Also, I will have a great vacations with my friends, and I think I need to spend time with a lot of friends who are in here.

ANYWAY, I think I am going to get some sleep until my friends come to Macomb. I know I need to sleep a lot, because I COULD NOT SLEEP AND STUDY FOR FINALS! That's why I got so far an A for two classes!


I HOPE I PASS THAT FINAL AND get B or A for my grade!

Oh well, I hope all of my friends have a great rest of summer...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I Really Really Like A Person!

Tonight, I had very very good night with my good friends, and I wanted to talk about my mind. However, I could not tell my friend about who I like. Becasue that was my friend, that person.

I thought I was little bit stupid, because I could tell the person who I really really like, and I wanted to talk. However, I coudlnto say to that person anything.. (>_<)!!!
I thought if I tell the person, I don't think sometime happen or something going to be good. You know, it is just resk for I need to do, but I just the person knows my thinking and who I really really like.

I will update to write about this stories everyday hopefully!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sorry to My Friends!

I am so bad feeling about I was doing something telling my bad habit of what I am afraid of and I am not good at...

Mike: I am so sorry to be telling you about I am afraid to talk with Black people... that is all of my fault to say that.

Daniel: I just could not have time to talk with you a lot of time, I told you and keep in touch with you... Sorry about that.

Michael Menke: I could not say to you about anything before I decided to move, and I told you last one in my friends.... I am so disappointed myself to telling you, and I just don't wanna see your face to be sad.

Ken, Steve, Tim, John, Brent, Paul, Hugo, Andy, Kevin, and Alex.
I did not think about I was moving, and I decided to tell you guys everything about myself if I can.

I am so disappointed about myself right now, and I think sometime I am not good at anything. And I try to be nice to everyone of my friends, but it is not working a lot.... (>_<)!

hope next time, i will be ok and i will see you guys!

Most Beautiful Mind and I Think I Am In Love With Someone

I want to do something for you in you the next.
I have the voice neatly heard because it doesn't care at any time.

I will come to have a tightness in one's chest so much why.
And, my pain why softens, and touches me by your palm.
Did I infect the cold with you?
Suddenly, because you had coughed, I thought so.
Two feelings piled up on the tree leakage day when it pours down are wonderful.

I want to do something for you in you the next.
I make the voice neatly heard when you want to cry.

Time that it can speak where to go thus doesn't change and I am wishing that I will continue in the future on the weekend as what was done this time last year.
To protect it in the crowded intersection, the shoulder was held.
The gentleness of you casual was glad.

When it is painful, is it for a moment nearby already luxurious to think though only you wanting to tell it overflow later though it will be possible to meet tomorrow?

I want to share a happy thing painful by neatly two people.
May I say only a little selfishness to you?The chest that touches faintly is held more strongly than anyone.

Hope I can say to my lover in the future who is going to be in love with me and I will fall in love with someone.

Sunday, July 3, 2005

I Love One Person So Much

Feelings that the distance of two people contracts terribly did.
When the arm was able to be united naturally, and it looked up at the sky cold alone of me, feelings were understood.
It is not tea Era in the convenience store, and it naturally shares by two people and it is enshrouded to your chest.
It is for a long time nearby and I want to watch you loved for a long time.
Moreover, your getting warm is a present of winter. It is a boast snow.

Even if faced with a painful thing and loneliness somewhere.
I swear it is honest to these feelings to think of you.
I will be very glad of hearing if it is possible to become a song that you gave done CD.
Thank you for wanting to say for a long time and associating for a long time.
It snows that embrace a more favorite person closely strongly.

I mysteriously felt feelings that not were be sure to thin while looking for the present be able to be connected each other.
It is and I want to look for the dream to nearby for a long time thoroughly for a long time.
Moreover, it is a boast snow by which the sky vomits a white breath to the street corner.

This is what I feel for one person who I love.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I Know Who I Like And I Wanna Be With.

This is very uncomfortable things to me happen right now, and I am so sad whenever I move to North Carolina. Because finially I find out who I like and wanna be with a person. However, I think I will not say anything to anyone, and I don't think the person will know about that. This is very wonderful thing to me, but I can not think about it right now... Because I know what's going on anytime, and I know I am so much think about it. Whoever knows about this I don't think no one can guess who I like or who I love. I wish I could say to infront of any people who I wanna tell and who I can tell. However, I can not say to the person and cannnot tell anyone ahahaha (T=T)
If the person who I love or wanna be with, I will be very very happy and talk to the person anytime! However, I don't think anyone like to talk to me anytime. because I am so stupid person whenever I cannot stop talking with anyone. ahaha that's bad... Sorry everyone!(>_<) Anyway, I will be in Macomb IL until August 6th or 7th hopefully, but I am not sure yet about that. ALSO, that is depended on my friends decision of an apartment.

Oh, yeah! I am thinking to come back at WIU on Octorber 15th through 18th. I wanna see all of my friends at WIU, but most of my friends have classes those days! That's not fun any at all if they are busy..... Hopefully, I will hung out with everyone!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I had a great morning, however, I had bad afternoon. I went to three classes today, and I found out HISTRY class is not my class. I know I am weak for studying histry but I am trying to study hard for that class. I hope I will get a B for HISTRY class, and other two classes are hopefully get an A for my grade... However, I am not that much smart enough... I wish I am good at HISTRY learning..

However, when I was high school student that time I got grade for histry F F F F F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I am worried about it now... you know how much I am worried about it. If I get a F, it will be so much bad, and I will hate myself more and more. But I guess I just need to study that class more than I need and I can study other classes less than I thought.

In any case, I need to study for my classes hard enough, and I wanna be get an A for all of classes if I can!

I know it is so hard, and I am still learning in English. Hopefully, I will be ok and not die this summer! This summer is so hard, but I am staying in Macomb until July 28th or 29th.... After that day, I will be in NC and hope i will get a great college life!

I am so exsited about moving to NC, and go to ECU, not WIU in this fall 2005! I think it is good time to change my life and I will be good after I move to NC and go to ECU. Because I had presentiment and expectation from one of my dream and I think it will be better and hopefully it is good time to decided about that!

So what do you guys do in the summer and next Fall?

I am getting so much fun and great changes in my life, and I am going to be fine anyway!

Have a good dream!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Great Night and Worst Night

I had a great night with my friends who is living in America long time, and I had a worst night with my friends who came from Japan. I was little bit not good anytime whenever I talk or spend with Japanese people, and I had bad time with them a lot.

However, during summer, most of WIU students know not many American students are in town, and my American friends are not here anyway. Also, I try to spend time with Japanese people now and for summer. That was not good idea, and it was huge mistake and choice for me. Because most of Japanese people dislike me now, and I just want to they know me more and more. Also, I want to they know understand me what my character is.

AnYwAy, who know me most. I don't think no one does that. So now on, I decided to not talk to any Japanese people, and I should not be they know me. Because they don't like me, and I knew that. Why should I let they know me and change their mind? I can not change their mind easily, you know, and everyone knows how it works. It is so complecated, and I think that is most difficlut thing to do anytime and anywhere.

How many people know how relationship is important to me? I don't think not many people know that, and I hope my best friend and my good friends know that. However, whom I love and whom I like who knows, and why I don't know that! I know who I love and who I wanna be with. Also, I know how much I love that person or how many time I thought that. Ahahaha.... I know what I wanna be with my friends and what I need to get relationship with my friends. However, anytime I made friends, but they think I am just stupid person ever in the world (who came from or live in Japan). Anyway, I am not ganna be in the group a lot of time, and I hate being in the group also. That makes me making friends harder? I don't think it is not making me any hard to make friends.

However, who hate me and who don't wanna be my friend but just a seeming friends make me to get friends harder or harder than I thought. Because they like to talk about me vey very very badly! That makes me so sad! You know and you can tell that.

Anyway, I am so tired this morning. I am goin to off to bed soon!

It's 4am morning in Sunday! I hope I will get up at 7am or 8am and doing some reaserch for my second speech!

In any case, I hope my friends and I will have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

One Day I Thought and I Am Thinking

It's Saturday, but I am bored as hell right now....
However, I live with that anyway.
I am going to be get a good time with my friends in the night, but it means nothing to me.

Anyway, I am wishing to have fun with my best friend and my good friends, and wish to be they are here... I miss them a lot and I want to visit them if I possible to do!

I knew it won't happen to me whenever I stay in Macomb. Also, when I leave here to NC, I will not see them a lot and I miss them more than I do now. I am not good at anything about it. I made my friends in IL, and I love them a lot more. Only my hope is going to visit them anytime if I can. That make me better feeling. Also, anytime I don't feel well enough, I will not think about leaving here next month. I know I am glad to find a school in NC, but I am not happy with leave here and make new life... However, I need to do anyway, that way I can still be with my major.

I like here in Macomb. Macomb is not very fun place to stay in, but it is very good to make a lot of friends. Also, what I want to do in here I can do it, and I am greatful of that.

I miss Western Illinois University, their stuff, professors, friends, and my best friend. My best friend is in Chicago right now, but I wish I could visit him before I leave in IL.........

Never think about I want to see him, and I love to hung out with him anytime. My best friend makes me Laugh and Feeling better anytime when I am not well enough.

I know I will miss my floor people which in Washington Hall 13th and 14th floor people who always talked to me and had fun together. Never ever think and I did not talk to them about I am going to transfer until end of Spring 2005. I was not sure about I will or not, but now I know I will. I hope I will see you all of them and have fun together

Those thoughts are one of my free time and i was thinking about you guys, my friends...

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

I love someone like you!

I am thinking about one person who I want to be my lover. I am not good at all the time about thinking love. However, I will.

Also, I wanna say to my lover. That is "They are the highest couple. They are two ideal people who can improve each other only by being there together. Every couple who envies that. It is possible to become happy."

I think never ever change to my thinking.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

One Love Wonderful World

To this chest of Love, love, and it loves us.

When Love, love, and love we are born, it doesn't tell it in the voice by the trembling finger.

It begins to overflow from Love, love, and it loves us.

Love and Love and Love . I take only a naked words, deliver this song.

You were brought in reality a long time ago or it is lie, though "Found it by chance" was said a little while ago.

Candle looks at you, you are looking at the ring.

Happily received from him, it sits on the counter of this shaky shop counter.

You are mine though my dripping doesn't drop INTO your mind until the counter and the Cassis soda is lost.

So as not to leave you here, only a little bit more whether we begin to get drunk. Don't leave. Stop, time and stay with me.

This is my true feelings. I think that you should depend a little on me and drink more.

And, you only have to lean against me.

However, all words have been drunk and only silence exists.

Those are most intereste my mind today.

I hope you enjoy to read this.

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Last Saturday

This is Saturday afternoon, I am always get bored and nothing to do. I am so happy right now, because I am talking with some of my freinds.

Now on, I will be busy until Wednesday night. Just I need to know what I want to do after Wednesday until June 3rd. I will have nice and great three weeks vacation for summer... That's only short vacation, however, I always love to spend time myself. Also, this summer will be different from other summer, becaue I have a lot of friends who I know right now. However, I have no idea what I can do for them and what I can get from them. I am so happy to spend with them a lot of time, but I guess we don't have enough time.

Also, I know who i like to be my freind, who i want to be my friends and who i need to be think more and more last few days. I might not be here much longer and not good to be make some friends. However, I need to get some friends during summer classes when I took those at WIU.

I have no idea how I can have a fun in here, but I will make a fun everyweek. Because I don't have classes from Friday to Sunday.

Anyway, I hope all of my friends have a great weekend, and having fun after finish Final Exams.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Almost end of semester

Hello, everyone.

So today, I have a good thinking of view in my life, and I am getting better for it. However, I have a problem of relstionships with someone who I love or who I really like. This is not bad thing to have a problem, but it become a bad problem or good problem with thinking every day. I know how relationships is complicated, and I need to think about it most of my life. Relationships is not only boyfriend/girlfriend thing, but also it is related to friendship, family, and other relationships. However, most comlicated relationship is boyfriend/girlfriend relation. I knew that so much about what's going on, however, sometime I cannot handle out and cannot stand up itself.
This is my day… However, I don’t think I am good for a person any at all sometime. But I am doing everything for the person what I can do and whatever I want to do for. Right now, the person was just worried about me like I did not get bored or I did not get nothing to do. However, I am thinking that enough for me, I like to spend time with the person and as long as I have fun with... That I am ok for it. I hope his roommate does matter any at all what we are doing. I don’t know how much I want to ask the person , and I want to be. But I am not sure to ask that question right now. Just afraid to ask the person who I like to that question. I should not think about what I want to ask or what I need to do right now. However, who knows and whoever can tell me what the person's mind is. No one knows right now, and I guess the person just knows what wants to be our relationship. I like the person, and even I think now I really like the person. I will love with the person or fall in love with the person. I hope the person will do same thing I do, but I don’t want to hurry to get relationship with the person. Because of my ex-partner who knows who the hell is. I don't want to the person think about it much. Because I love the person I knew I will but I did not think I really like the person and this much of feeling I love the person right now. The person did not know until I say to the person, but the person can feel it anytime when we are get together.
The person is smart, elegant, nice, cool, good looking, and whatever the person wants to can get, but if the person chose me, I would rather say to the person “I love you” anytime, anywhere, and whenever! This is not going to be happen a lot of time what I wan to when I like someone. I hope I will have a good relationship with the person and long time term to be become. I am not a good person to the person a lot, but I am trying to be better person to who i love. It is opportunity getting someone and gets relationship with a specific person. This experience will help me to get better everybody thinks, however, I am thinking this way, if I lose this relationship with the person, I won’t have another person for my life. Because the person is greatest and perfect person ever I had. I am guessing if we get together like relationships of love, I hope we will be best couple in the life. This is my story of one day in Wisconsin. I never forget the day I spent time with the person. You are the best person, and never fined another person who looks like the person.
In addition, I can tell the person is tired all day long to day and he said to me “I was sleeping in the class, but it is not big deal.” However, I was feeling bad when the person was sleeping in the class… I hope the person won’t sleep in the class again when I sleep with tonight. The person is so cute when sleeping, and I like to watch that all the time and I want to take some pictures but I don’t know the persion will allowed taking picture like a lot. I already take one picture of that, but it is not enough a good picture… so I will take another picture soon if I possible to take sleeping face. I have no idea what I can do right now, and what I want to do for the person. I am so happy, maybe too happy to see the person. Always, I am thinking of the person anytime, whenever I do not be staying with the person. Kind of I love to stay with the person. So I will have a good night and sweet dreams with the person someday hopefully. However, I won’t make the person up later because will get tired again. So I will let the person sleep like before 1am. I will sleep whenever the person wants to go to bed.

This is my make up story... I hope I have real life like this story!