Sunday, March 5, 2006


Sometime, I don't like myself, but it is not only about something I did, but also my behavior makes me don't like myself.... This is not good sometime being hated myself, but sometime good feeling but I don't know why.

It is strange and it is not well being anytime in my life... I know that, I know that. However, I need to have some of don't like myself, but i don't need have hating myself. However, I cannot controled about that... I have so much stress everyday, because I don't understand in English when I speak, listening, and reading some materials or convasation with some of my friends. I am still learning and I know i have torrable about that... oh well, writing in English is hardest thing for me right now....

I hope someone can help me and getting better writing in English someday! I am so happy to see or spend time with my friends most of time, but I don't like to spend time with my friends a lot of time.... That is not I don't like my friends, but that is why I don't like myself.... Because whenever I spend time with my friends, I am being stupid or I am not good at myself controlling...

I know, I need to work on or I should control myself. But I did not do a lot of time.... That is so bad and I hate that myself doing that. I hope I am not doing that in the future when I am getting older.

If I do like that more and more, I will need to be alone to live or need to be not work with people.

I hope I will be better tomorrow, and hope I will have a great day!