Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This week is New Dramas starting in Japan for Fall season!!!!!

This week start several more dramas in Japan, and I am kind of surprised some of them. I understand that it is a good to see several of them, however, it has some of story dramas too. Well, I like to show here for what title of drama started this week.

This time, all Japanese drama starts/will start on TV until next week or so, and total number of dramas are 16 dramas!

Here is the list of Japanese drama
Eye of detective (刑事のまなざし) 8pm start on 10/07/2013
10/07/2013 8pm start
Tuesday (火曜日)
Welcome to horoscope station Onnyõya (よろず占い処 陰陽屋へようこそ
start on 10/08/2013 10pm
10/08/2013 10pm start
Wednesday (水曜日)
Dandarin Labour standards inspector (ダンダリン労働基準監督官) Started on 10/02/2013 10pm
10/02/2013 10pm started
Legal High (リーガル・ハイ) start on 10/09/2013 10pm
10/09/2013 start on 10pm

Thursday (木曜日)
Hakubano Prince pure love marriageable age (ハクバノ王子サマ 純愛適齢期)
started on 10/03/2013 11pm
10/03/2013 started on 11pm
Aristocratic bachelor (独身貴族)
10/10/2013 start on 10pm
Friday (金曜日)
Kuro Coach (クロコーチ) start on 10/11/2013 at 10pm
start on 10/11/2013 at 10pm
Woman of Urban Legend (都市伝説の女2) start on 10/11/2013 at 11pm
Saturday (土曜日)
Tokyo Band Wagon  (東京バンドワゴン) start at 9pm on 10/12/2013
Honey Trap (ハニー・トラップ) start at 11pm on 10/12/2013 → 10/19/2013 変更

Sunday (日曜日)
And-roid (安堂ロイド) start at 9pm on 10/13/2013

I am sure all of them are very interesting to know what's going on. However, all of them are impossible to watch for a week. So I am sure I only see one or two of them!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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