Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It is a raining day.... Little bit disappoint...

Awww.... today is a raining day since in the morning, and I am really disappointed this weather. Because I was thinking to walking with dogs, but it hasn't stop raining.... So I decided to not go outside and walk them. I am sure dogs are not happy either. I like raining, but when I wanted to do something outside and raining (if doesn't matter is ok) is not fun. Oh well, Greenville didn't have raining for long time, and this is a good time to have raining. However, I got cold so fast! Yesterday high temperature was 70F (21C) degrees, and that was not that cold. Well, feels like cold but it was comfortable for me. Before yesterday's high temperature was 84F (29C). It was a warm and not really cold day... But today, right now around 1:30pm, high temperature is 61F(16C) degrees. That is chilly and feels like cold compare to previous days. So Monday was feels like hot/warm summer day and today is cold winter day seems like. I like raining but not changing this much, weather. Well, I hope tomorrow will get little bit better weather, and hopefully not this cold.... Maybe not....
just outside of my house.

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