Friday, October 11, 2013

ファイヤーキングで昼食とちょっと早い夕食~!Had Lunch and Early Dinner with Using Fire King Dishes

Fire King Dishes!
Trying to think about which one
I use for Lunch and Dinner
I took a lunch around 1pm, and trying think about what I can use dishes for my lunch. Well, I am going to eat really Salmon Tataki for Lunch. Also, I decided to Fire King Jadeite Jane Ray dishes, and I try to use dishes and make display for better looks this lunch. So at least I can enjoy for what I am eating and lunch time. Well, I didn't make much and eat today, but I was thinking that how much would this cost if I go to restaurant to ask them to make for me. I am sure this will cost around $100 or more. Because I usually get around 8 pieces about $8.85~. So you can see that many pieces, and hopefully won't think too much. :D


here is my lunch
Lunch with Fire King
Then, I was doing some stuff for few hours, and I was trying to think that what I can eat for dinner. Well now, what I like to eat is some salmon steak and beef steak from left over yesterday.... Then I thought that rice and miso soup with it, that will be a great dinner. So I start making dinner and trying to think that when I can eat it? Oh! yeah, I can eat little bit early dinner, so I looked at my clock... It was already 6pm. So little bit early to eat dinner, but it is a good time to eat anyway. Ahaha. I decided to use Fire King Jadeite Jane Ray and some of Turquoise dishes.

For dinner picture is here.

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