Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tonight Dinner was Healthy Dinner!

night time!
I had a very healthy dinner than I made two days ago, and my dinner was most of dish are vegetables. It was a good dinner since I am going to bed at night, and don't need to take a lot of calories. My dinner menu was grilled fish (salmon), rice and vegetables. I use Fire King Azurite dishes this time too. I usually don't need to wash my dishes until end of the day, and putting it to dish washer until end of dinner time. So I can wash dishes at once a day with all of what I use a day. Well, I have enough dishes at my kichen cabinet right now, so I can do that. Before I have to wash every time I use.  After dinner, I want to see outside and take my car picture for testing my iPhone camera, but it was drizzle... I was kind of surprised, but I took one picture. That is above picture is. I hope tomorrow will have a better weather than today and hopefully again I can walk dogs!

This was my dinner tonight
Rice, Vegetable and grilled Salmon
Fire King Azurite dishes

Have a great great great night, everyone!

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