Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I was trying to make some meal for breakfast today. This morning was not too bad weather so far, but I
was little bit tired much more than I thought. Well, it is ok now. After I woke up, I still lying down on the
bed and trying to figure out what I am going to do. First, I thought I should make a good breakfast, and
that will give me some kind of energy after that. Also, I thought that I am going to read some stuff from
website until I will watch a drama later day. I just thinking about what I like to do for research right now.
Well, it is a good thing that I know what I can do for several days today through this weekend. Oh yes, I
will make a good meal tonight sometime I hope.
I use Fire King Azurite Swirl dish for breakfast, and it is a pale color dish. So it is a good breakfast dish.

here is my breakfast picture
Breakfast: rice, miso soup, and Fired vegetables with beef
朝食: ご飯、お味噌汁、と肉野菜炒め
Fire King Azurite Swirl Dishes

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