Monday, October 28, 2013

T-Mobile will be start the New Plan for Tablets!

This will be a brand new week to start with T-Mobile for customers who are going to get an iPad Air, an iPad mini and other tablet devices from T-Mobile. T-Mobile has been announced a lot of new plans for customers like current and new customer who are going to choice for career. The big plan was international free text and data plan for more than 70 countries for October 20th for new customers and on October 31st for current customers. So that was a big and good news for them. Well, this week on Friday, T-Mobile will start selling new iPad Air at store and will be $0 down for 16GB device up front, and $26.75 per months payment plan with 200MB free to connect with LTE network a month. So this mean you will have a connection for outside of your home anytime. When you are going to use at home with WiFi most of time, that will be best device to get from T-Mobile. Well, T-Mobile has been announce for prices for iPad Air 16GB, 32GB, 64GB month payment and how much expected to pay at front when you go to store and get it. Also, iPad mini for same monthly payment plan has been announced as $22.08.  Well, people who like to get minimum payment system, you maybe try this one and will be a good plan to use it on T-Mobile network.
iPad Air

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