Monday, October 14, 2013

It is not too bad for Weather outside Today.

Outside of My House
Today, it is not too bad outside weather now, but still cloudy and not that good either. But it is not raining right now and will be getting better weather tonight and tomorrow. Well, this week is almost all the time weather will be partly cloudy but will be higher temperatures during day-time. I am sure this week I can feel for Fall and will be better stay that way for next few weeks I hope! I took several outside picture for today, and I am sure I am going to go out with dogs since I have free time for now. I just finish tutoring today. I am sure I have free time and spend time for cooking and other things. haha. I will watch a drama which is this week start one and I am trying to watch last week started a drama which is Keiji no Manazashi. I will try to post like before soon. 
back yard

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