Friday, July 29, 2005

Summer Vacarion Start!

Summer vacation is now officiall started today! However, I am still in Macomb and I will be in here until 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10th of August....

I have no idea... Because East Carolina University told me to come to over there until August 6th, but I want to stay in Macomb, IL.

BUT, BUt, But, but ..... I just wanna be in here until school start if i possible to stay in here, however, I have to move to Greenville, NC

Oh my mY MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will know about my grade officially on Monday, but already I know about tow of my classes grade; Those clases are COMM 241 and WS 190. I got COMM 241 for A by 94%, and Women's Studies 190 for A by 114.25% (>_<)//////

Ahahahahah, I am very good feeling of my grades, but I did not think about I would get that good grades for those classes....

I guess I studied those class very very hard and I am so glade to have my teachers to know well

Also, I will have a great vacations with my friends, and I think I need to spend time with a lot of friends who are in here.

ANYWAY, I think I am going to get some sleep until my friends come to Macomb. I know I need to sleep a lot, because I COULD NOT SLEEP AND STUDY FOR FINALS! That's why I got so far an A for two classes!


I HOPE I PASS THAT FINAL AND get B or A for my grade!

Oh well, I hope all of my friends have a great rest of summer...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I Really Really Like A Person!

Tonight, I had very very good night with my good friends, and I wanted to talk about my mind. However, I could not tell my friend about who I like. Becasue that was my friend, that person.

I thought I was little bit stupid, because I could tell the person who I really really like, and I wanted to talk. However, I coudlnto say to that person anything.. (>_<)!!!
I thought if I tell the person, I don't think sometime happen or something going to be good. You know, it is just resk for I need to do, but I just the person knows my thinking and who I really really like.

I will update to write about this stories everyday hopefully!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sorry to My Friends!

I am so bad feeling about I was doing something telling my bad habit of what I am afraid of and I am not good at...

Mike: I am so sorry to be telling you about I am afraid to talk with Black people... that is all of my fault to say that.

Daniel: I just could not have time to talk with you a lot of time, I told you and keep in touch with you... Sorry about that.

Michael Menke: I could not say to you about anything before I decided to move, and I told you last one in my friends.... I am so disappointed myself to telling you, and I just don't wanna see your face to be sad.

Ken, Steve, Tim, John, Brent, Paul, Hugo, Andy, Kevin, and Alex.
I did not think about I was moving, and I decided to tell you guys everything about myself if I can.

I am so disappointed about myself right now, and I think sometime I am not good at anything. And I try to be nice to everyone of my friends, but it is not working a lot.... (>_<)!

hope next time, i will be ok and i will see you guys!

Most Beautiful Mind and I Think I Am In Love With Someone

I want to do something for you in you the next.
I have the voice neatly heard because it doesn't care at any time.

I will come to have a tightness in one's chest so much why.
And, my pain why softens, and touches me by your palm.
Did I infect the cold with you?
Suddenly, because you had coughed, I thought so.
Two feelings piled up on the tree leakage day when it pours down are wonderful.

I want to do something for you in you the next.
I make the voice neatly heard when you want to cry.

Time that it can speak where to go thus doesn't change and I am wishing that I will continue in the future on the weekend as what was done this time last year.
To protect it in the crowded intersection, the shoulder was held.
The gentleness of you casual was glad.

When it is painful, is it for a moment nearby already luxurious to think though only you wanting to tell it overflow later though it will be possible to meet tomorrow?

I want to share a happy thing painful by neatly two people.
May I say only a little selfishness to you?The chest that touches faintly is held more strongly than anyone.

Hope I can say to my lover in the future who is going to be in love with me and I will fall in love with someone.

Sunday, July 3, 2005

I Love One Person So Much

Feelings that the distance of two people contracts terribly did.
When the arm was able to be united naturally, and it looked up at the sky cold alone of me, feelings were understood.
It is not tea Era in the convenience store, and it naturally shares by two people and it is enshrouded to your chest.
It is for a long time nearby and I want to watch you loved for a long time.
Moreover, your getting warm is a present of winter. It is a boast snow.

Even if faced with a painful thing and loneliness somewhere.
I swear it is honest to these feelings to think of you.
I will be very glad of hearing if it is possible to become a song that you gave done CD.
Thank you for wanting to say for a long time and associating for a long time.
It snows that embrace a more favorite person closely strongly.

I mysteriously felt feelings that not were be sure to thin while looking for the present be able to be connected each other.
It is and I want to look for the dream to nearby for a long time thoroughly for a long time.
Moreover, it is a boast snow by which the sky vomits a white breath to the street corner.

This is what I feel for one person who I love.