Saturday, July 30, 2011


Today is the last day of July and I went to walk around my hometown... I wish one of my friend is here with me...

I was so happy to see all over places

here is some pictures!
Tanoura River near my house

This you can see circle rainbow 
I saw this Circle rain bow above my head I was so happy to see this one. Also, this is rare to see.. so I was so lucky to see this one in here!

Here is some more pictures

this is ocean near my home

View from Otachi Misaki Park
I went to Otachi Misaki Park! I am so happy this picture... I can see all over places!


I went to see transformer newest one today! I am so happy to see it.

here is some of the movie clip I get from website.

This is scary screen
I like to watch this movie again... I wish to watch with my friend but he couldn't make it that day... so I may see this with him again.

I think this 3D movie was a great movie ever I see so far in this year! I am so glad to see it!

Summer Festival

I went to summer festival at my mother's working place at Yatsushiro, and it was small one but I was really cool for me to join there. I really really like to have this kind of festival around here.

I am so happy that I am able to enjoy this festival and took some pictures.

children traditional Japanese music playing


Chicken sellsing!

small selling place
I think I like this kind of summer festival around here...

hope I will attend this one again next year if I can!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Actually Went to see a movie tonight

I went to see a movie which is "Kokuriko Zaka Kara" from Studio Ghibli. It was more than I thought of it, but it is difficult to understand for children. I think it is really good story for adult to watch a movie this summer in Japan, and I really like that story and I want to see that movie again. I think people enjoy watching this one more than last movie Ghibli made.

I hope everyone enjoy watching this movie!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I will go to pick my friend up at Kumamoto Airport tomorrow, July 30th. The person who is coming to visit me, she is a good friend since 2003. I was so happy and excited to see her this summer. I can not wait to see her now. I hope tomorrow will be happy and have a great time together in here at my hometown, and I am hopping that she will have a great time in here!

I am thinking to visit her next time I come home but I am not sure yet. Well, I am not sure when I can be back in here again yet. Hopefully next summer I will be back again!

I hope everyone has a great time!

Have a wonderful weekend!

way too hot...

can not believe that more than 25℃ at night in kumamoto is around 25.5/ month in summer..

I may not be ok... lol :P

new thing

my house will have new air condition... which third one, and I hope that would be good one.... Then my mother will not come to my room and cool down from hot air anymore! so it is really good thing.

I can not wait to see that happen tomorrow!!!!


My House

I took some pictures which is my house... I told that yesterday that I worked to make little bit change.... It is not much different from old to now, but I like to see all change. I hope every looks is better than before.... I will post here old and new differences.. lol :P
I hope some people give me some opinion!
here is old my house pictures

Here is now little bit change from above pictures.
from 2nd floor

front of my house
entrance view

near garden
It looks better than before that what I think, but tell me what do you think about this.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My house change little bit...

Today, I worked outside of my house, and it change little bit, but I forgot to take a picture... Well, tomorrow I will take a picture and update here, and I hope that is not too much change so please don't think what do I want to say... lol

But it is better than before, and I can not wait to up a picture here.

I was doing that with my friend for this afternoon, and it was really really hot outside. Well, my plan was cleaning my room and 2nd floor today, but it changed to outside... ahaha

I hope everyone will have some comment for that..

I hope everyone has and will have a great day and night!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

cleaning day

Actually today will be cleaning day....

wish me luck!!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

rest day?

I am going to rest this afternoon, I was working and cleaning all morning... I can not believe that much stuff is gone from here but still even 1/3 of stuff is gone.... I think my room has a lot of stuff still and need to clean but I need break for day-time.... ahaha

Well, I am sure I need to do more things than before 8/13 comes here! Since more than 15 people would come here, so I have to finish up that....

Well i am sure it will be ok!!!

Summer is shorter than I thought of it.


I can not wait to go back to USA but still I want to stay in here little bit longer now since my house is getting clean! lol


Went to Kumamoto

I went to Kumamoto today, and I met a new person. I really glad to meet with him, because he want to go to America. Also, he asked me a lot of question which I was trying to answer as much as I can and talked to him about what I have been doing in America and what I have done past. I hope that is helped him as much as he needs.

I am thanks to my dear friend in Kumamoto who introduce me to the person who want to hear my story and what's going on! I am so happy to meet new person today and went to a store with them. I really happy to be there and talked to them. I hope everything I could help or talked to them. I am trying to be myself to help for information! Well, as long as I can keep up with him, and I could contact with him which I really want to have him as a good friend in Kumamoto! I can not wait to talk to him again about what he want to ask about America.



Sunday, July 24, 2011


I was able to see a TV show in Japan that is 27 hours TV.  I think it is usually around this time of year, Fuji Japan TV doing event.

I couldn't sleep until it over... but I was really really sleepy... so during that time, I took a nap... lol

Well, it was a great show and I really like it!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


This morning, I woke up then start cleaning my house, because I need to change my room stuff. Also that would make start with my bed futon!....

here is I took one picture.
Futon from my house.... lol
Then I left there for four house from 9am to 1pm.

After that, I decided to take little bit of off time until I went shopping near here.

When I went shopping there and bought some stuff, but it was not really much... I just need to wait my mother for three hours, because she had work party for the night. So I decided to eat dinner at the Mall.

here is that dinner
This is Ramen and Mixed Rice Set

I forgot to take drink with it! lol :P
 Then I went to see some more stuff, and I order sticker for my car in the USA. But it will take two weeks to make and arrive the store...

Well, I still had time for waiting my mother, so I went to Starbucks at the mall. I order Green Tea Late, but it was different than I knew...
This is inside Starbucks

This is what I order and drink...
I am kind of didn't like the drink but the store looks was great! I wish to this store is in the USA... ahaha But I am sure I will miss this Mall.

Well, tomorrow, I will have day off before I do some more cleaning...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ramen day

Today is the 22nd and it is Ramen day for "Ajisen Ramen" I went to eat Ramen noodle this morning when it opens. It was only 300 yen for one. I love to eat there every month.

here is the that ramen....

this is Ajisen ramen
I eat this Ramen noodle since 3 or 4 years old... so I am hopping this Ranmen won't go away from my home town!

Hope I will eat American version of this Ranmen noodle some day in NYC!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011









Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Visited High School

I went to high school today, and I met almost all of my teacher when I was in high school. Also, I gave to my teacher for my paper what I wrote for my high school followers :D

It was really nice to see all them old faces and I really miss there, but it was different from what we did.... ahaha

Well, it was nice to see my two years older a person who is teaching there now. I wish I were there for doing same thing like that with her! ahaha She is the nicest person in high school old and now. Also it was really nice to talk to her and I was remember that still :D

I hope all of that will be good for me and them!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Typhoon No. 6 UPdate

I am here and Typhoon is here too but nothing really happens outside! 

Well, that is better than something bad happens!!!!

I am sure it will be nothing really what we worried about it! ahahaha

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Typhoon No. 6

Actually, Japan is worried about Typhoon later today and tomorrow. It is really strong and powerful, also has big eye! it looks like half size of Japan lol

here is the radar map and satellite view.

Typhoon No. 6
you can see that cloud is more than half size of it .. but I am hopping to not too bad this time.

It's nice outside today...

I think today was a great funny day in Japan, and it was really really hot and humid lol.

And later tonight, FIFA women's soccer will be kick off,  and this is Japan v.s. USA.

I hope to see Japan win and make sure that we have power and technics, but USA has better record with Japan...

Well hopefully, they will have a great soccer play!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I went to see a movie

I saw one movie today which is I told that Harry Potter! It's a nice to see final of the movie in Japan. I saw all of them and this one, I like it, but I was thinking it was really much to say.... People already knows that Harry won't die... Well, it is ok. I like this one but it didn't need to separate to two part. I think it is better to see all of that 7's part one and part two together would be better than see separately. I was thinking that was kind of good way to end anyway.

I am sure many people do not see this movie yet, so I won't be update information more than like this.

And I bought two movie ticket for before I go to movie next time.

here is them
コクリコ坂から (From Up on Poppy Hill)
 This one is the Studio Giburi newest movie in Japan and it will off to show on July 16th, 2011.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon ticket  (an advance ticket)
This is Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and it won't be open to see until July 29th, 2011 in Japan. So I will not see this one after one month opening from USA.....

this is an advance ticket's a privilege 
I got a privilege of Transformers' cellphone strap. I didn't think I will get it... so I was so excited to see that one ahaha :P

Also, here is some of poster's for advertising movies!

コクリコ坂から poster
Transformer Dark the Moon poster

Capten America Poster

Cowboy and Elian poster

Green Lantern poster.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Going to see a movie

Today, I will go to see a movie at Toho Cinema 8 in Uki Value. It would be a good time to see a movie because outside is way to hot.... ahaha

Well, you know what I am going to see ... that is Harry Potter 7 part 2!

I may go to see different movie next day, but just thinking about it.

Well, when I see it, I will post here some comment with it!


I clean up today 2nd floor and I change my room stuff position. I think that would be little bit better than before and if my mother's stuff is gone, my room have more space. lol 

here is old and new my room (not much different)

This is old my room
this is my room now
It's not much different from what it is.. but in here actually little bit more space than before and I think this is better than old one.

Well I will update again sometime soon! if it completed! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

little bit better

I think here in Japan is getting way too hot now, and I am really not ok with that... Also, I am trying to thinking about how to clean up my room and my house... lol I need to trash out several things.

Also, need to trough away my grandparents stuff this time. So we have more space for inside house than before.

OH yeah I need to clean up inside garage.


today is thinking time day!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I got VISA from America

I got new VISA from American Embassy today, and it was faster than I thought. Because I got letter from interviewer and it said one to two weeks to VISA will arrive to your address... So I was thinking this weekend or next early week. But I already got it. So now I am no problem to go back to USA.

I am hopping to see all of what I am going to do next year and so on.

I can not wait for this fall and year starts!

I will be back to Greenville, NC on August 23rd and that day class is start. :D

one month and 10 days of staying in Japan, I will enjoy it!


Today, I took some picture... That is what I brought from Greenville, NC.

here is the pictures

Fire King Collection

Fire King Collection/ Pyrex collection from USA

I couldn't bring a lot of dishes since I didn't think it is safe to bring inside suitcase. Well, it is ok for all of these are safe to come with me, and I gave to my mother all this.

I hope she will enjoy these.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I found some good food

Today, I went to shopping around 6pm at some places then I found some great deal for Beef to buy. Also, it was good enough for me to buy it and use for my food.
I didn't think it was how much original.... so I was really really surprised.

Here is that picture...

This is what I bought for beef...
you can see that price original cost is around $20 both but I actually paid $5 for total....

Isn't that great deal????

Then I made some dinner after that, and I took one picture.

here is the picture

This is dinner
after dinner I took bath, then I ate desert after bath..

I used Fire King dishes and cups.

here is that
Two of them 

This is for myself.
It was really good desert and I like that.

Well I made myself happy today!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fire King Japan update.

I found that Fire King Japan will start selling in Japan around end of September, and the company said I can get from USA.... That would be a great thing that I can buy current making Fire King from Japan and will have made in Japan stamp!
(ファイヤーキング ジャパンの事が少しだけ詳しくわかりました。それは9月末に日本で発売になるという事です。そして、会社の方からの説明では、アメリカの方にも発送ができるので買う事ができるという事でした。この情報はすごく自分にとってはいい事だと思いました。それに日本製であるという事がさらにいいなぁと思った事です。)

I really like that Fire King which these collection can use and place to put up on the table and/or shells, also looking at that would be really nice. AND now I can get from Fire King New version from Japan. People who are making this Fire King Japan is really hard work to get one and these. So I can not wait to see them. Also, I am sure it will nearly good as old as Fire King original since Japanese people making with original company people who were making Fire King original ones.

Hopefully, I will update soon again about this Fire King Japan!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday afternoon...

Friday afternoon, I went to Minamata City because I need to have a doctor's appointment. So I decided to go that day. After I finish doctor's appointment, I went shopping but before that I went to a store where I usually go to eat food.

Here is that food what I eat.

I like this store's Udon and this store is long time place to be there in Minamata City. I went to there first time when I was 4 years old and since then I go there every time I am in Minamata City. This is the one I really like.

Here is the store looks like.

Look like Japanese resutaurant

I will miss this restaurant when I go back to USA.

almost raining season is over!

I think almost all of Japan is over the raining season, and it will start summer! I am waiting for that still, but I am not sure when it is around here. I heard that most of place is over, but why not around here...

Well, it is ok...

I will enjoy last few days of raining season in here!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fire King Japan!

My friend who is doing antique store owner told me that Fire King Japan version start this year, and it will start selling Fire King in Japan. Also that surprised for me, which I saw "made in Japan" logo stamp words.

I was so happy to see that!

here is my friend blog link.

Fire King Japan

Fire King
Made in Japan

click the fire king japan then you will see her blog comment and link for the website.

I think it will be really nice to have one for myself somehow.


Today, I went to get interview for my VISA application, and it was success. I was so lucky and I am glad to I went to Fukuoka now.

right after that I have to leave Fukuoka then go back to Kumamoto, because I want to arrive at Kumamoto City. So I can visit my friend who is doing Antique shop!

When I was driving I saw the green carpet... so I took picture.

here is what I took...

this is green carpet on under the city train road.
I saw this one before because of my friend blog, but actually I saw and I was really happy about that.

Well I hope I will visit again sometime soon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Arrived at Fukuoka...

I drove through from my house to Fukuoka city, which where I am going to get VISA application and have interview tomorrow.

I went to see around American Embassy in Fukuoka.

here is near the place pictures.

Ohori Park left side view

Ohori Park center side view

Ohori Park right side view

It was a great place to have American embassy near this park, also it was near where I am going to stay the night.

Well, hopefully, I will have a great luck!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It was way too many raining around here in Kumamoto and south of Kyushu, also my home town had several place not able to drive and need to shut down. That was way too much rain. Can you believe that one hour raining was 45mm (2") raining. I couldn't believe that much happening. Also, I was really nervous about getting VISA for myself and tomorrow is the day I am going to get one and application complete. 

I hope it is ok....

Here is Japanese explain. 




my house

Today, I was taking some pictures for my house, because it was a good day and nice outside. Tomorrow will not be fine sky around here, because of raining season. Well, I was happy to see san shine from my house, so I decided to take some pictures.

Here is what I took.

This is view from my house balcony

this is second floor view

This is balcony

This is view from front yard (first half view of my house)

this is second half of first floor
my house is small and not really big... But it's nice house and I like this one. I wish I could live like this in the USA lol