Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dessert for Lunch?!

I was thinking to eat something for lunch, but my stomach was not really that want to eat something for
food, so I decided to eat some small dessert. That was a yogurt dessert, and it is a peach yogurt. I think
this will make my stomach better and maybe later, I can eat better food for dinner or something. I was
just thinking that "What should I use for dish?!?"Well, I decided to use that Fire
King Sunrise Cup and Saucer again. I used it one time long time ago, and I decided to use it. Because
that makes yogurt better look. ahaha. Well, I was happy to see that and watch some video what I missed
to watch last night. I hope I will have a good relaxing afternoon for today and tonight! I am sure I will
going to make some food later this afternoon. Hopefully, I will try to walk my dogs before sunset.
Have a good Lunch!

Here is my dessert picture with Fire King Swirl Sunrise!

Yogurt Peach
Fire King Swirl Sunrise

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