Thursday, October 17, 2013

Typhoon 27th is toward to Japan.

In Japan, they just had Typhoon No. 26 which is called "WIPHA" and had enormous damage for right 
now. However, Typhoon No.27 which is called "FRANCISCO". It has been formed very nicely, and 
developing much faster than Typhoon No.26. So it maybe stronger than No.26, and will coming toward 
to Japan now for prediction. Hopefully not too strong for this one, since Japan had several damages 
already. If this Typhoon is becoming a lot stronger than weather forecast is talking. Just stay in your 
home and try not to go out during Typhoon is there. I am hoping that Typhoon No.27 (FRANCISCO) 
will not affect too much to Japan.

below is status of Typhoon as of now. 
Prediction path of Typhoon

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