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【日曜劇場】 Ando Roid: Ando-roid 〜A.I. knows LOVE?〜 (安堂ロイド〜A.I. knows LOVE?〜)!!

安堂ロイド〜A.I. knows LOVE?
安堂ロイド〜A.I. knows LOVE?がついに始まりました。結構すごいビックリなスタートになっていますよね。木村拓哉柴咲コウの10年ぶりのタックですよね。しかも、「切ない恋」というのが一番すてきなドラマとなっています。そしてこれがすごいことにいろいろな方がタックを組んでやっているというのがさらに驚きます。しかも, コンセプト・設定協力 に 庵野秀明がやっているんですよ!これはかなりすごい。しかも、エヴァンゲリオンを手がけた世界観をこのドラマにもぶつけている気がします。これは今後の更なる展開が予想つかないですね。「100年の時空を越え、“愛”をかけた戦いが、今、はじまろうとしている」という予告どおり良い話です。第1話を見ていて時間が過ぎることをすっかり忘れてしまいました。

木村拓哉 ( 嶋黎士教授 )
It's started Sunday drama, which is called "Ando Roido ~A.I. knows LOVE?~". It was surprised starting for drama, and this will be a great start too. Also, leading roles of Takuya Kimura and Kou Shibasaki, they are costarring in 10 years of drama. "Wistful Love"  was the main idea of this story line. Also, a lot of famous people are going to make this drama and trying to have best ever for this season of drama now (seems like). Also, concept and  set cooperation is Mr. Amano Hideaki who made Evangelion. He will make really different concept of drama making for this one too. I can't wait to see next episode of this drama now. I am sure this drama will be have high watching rate too. Oh yeah, "Across the spacetime of 100 years, a fighting over "LOVE" , now, it will be begin" for previous notice, and a good story. When I was watching the first episode, I even didn't recognized the time goes away. 

安堂麻陽 (柴咲コウ)

this is the part of Ando-Roid showing up scene!
Summary of the first episode was like this. Dr. Matsushima, Reiji is Tokyo Teikoku University's professor of Department of Physics, but he does not like to interrupt with other people. Also, students are talk and saying that "unfortunately one by one". However, he is a genius with a brain that is worldwide recognized as a scholar, he is also a researcher of the state-of-the-art wormhole theory to be known.Well, also he has theory for people will kill him at the right time, and he already know that what time and where he will be killed and his fiance will be killed too for sure of 100%. Finally message from the Dr. Matsushima to his fiance Ms. Ando Asahi that was "You and me will be killed. However, your life will be save by me, and I will protect you now and in the future of 100 years from now. Forever.". Then she cannot be able to contact with him anymore....

そして。。。。沫嶋黎士は死亡してしまいます。翌朝、コンピュータが起動し、そこからなんと。。。安堂ロイド(木村拓哉: 2役) 通称ARX II-13が姿を現す。そして、麻陽に近寄る魔の手、だた危機一髪のところで安堂ロイドが。。。助ける。。。そして、更なる戦いへと続いていき。。。最終的には、麻陽を助けるが、混乱している彼女は。。。というところで次回に続くかんじですね。安堂ロイドが登場してからはハラハラ・ドキドキがいっぱいでした。映画みたいなドラマって感じでした。

Humanoid is coming up from this scene
Then.... Dr. Matsushima, Reiji was killed/dead. In the next morning, computer was starting by itself and made... and showed up Ando Roid which is called ARX II-13. Also, same time an evil hand come near to Ms/ Ando, but just a moment before Ando-Roid.... rescued her..... After that, he is going to fight and protect her.... Eventually, Ando-Roid was going to win for the battle. However, Ms. Ando is hell confused and so on. Then "To be Continued!".  This is so much going on, and I seems like I was watching the movie as drama. 

沫嶋 七瀬 (大島優子) あとゼミ学生3名

Will you watch this Sunday drama ~ Ando Roid?
This will be worth to look at. I am recommending to you.

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