Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tokyo (in the morning)

I woke up today around 4am, and 30 minutes later I saw the sun rise from Skype in Tokyo. I was surprised that Tokyo morning start that early. So I took one or two pictures of the Skype. Well, today I need to go to Hanada Airport and go back to Kumamoto. So I needed to wake up early enough to get on the airplane. I will ride ANA 787 which is newest airplane what we have in the world. I am really happy that I will ride it. I will take picture and post tonight or tomorrow!

Here is the morning shots of sky pictures and breakfast.


from Hotel view


Monday, June 25, 2012


I was staying in Tokyo tonight until tomorrow morning for I get a flight to go to Kumamoto! I came to Airport late night, and I didn't have any connection flight when I came to Tokyo. So I have to stay in here. Well, it is a good thing that I can stay in here for one night at least and no worried about it. Well, I am not sure what I can do tonight, but I will enjoy stay in here. Hopefully, I have a good time. Oh yeah! I ate a good dinner at hotel, and I think it was a great time spending late night hotel restaurant meal. ahaha

Here is the picture

dinner at hotel

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trip Trip Trip

I am going to have a trip this weekend, and I am happy that I will get into airplane for three different flights. Ahaha. I am so happy that I will take that airplanes. Well, I am going to take airplane for all the time..... Oh yeah, I just wish that I had upgraded seating for all airplane, but I don't think I can get that price. I am not that rich, but I am poor university student, and should not take airplane all the time. However, it is a good thing that I can take airplane to go somewhere far from where I am right now.
(今週末はちょっとした旅行に行くことにしました。そして3つの違う飛行機に乗れるということですごくうれしく思っています。アハハ。やはり飛行機に乗るのは楽しいものです。そして飛行機もいろいろなところに行く為にあるのはすばらしいことだと思います。でも、アップグレードの席に乗れればよかったのですが、そこまでのお金は大学院生にはないです。結構貧乏ですから!(・。・) でも、飛行機に乗って旅行をすることで遠くに離れてるところまで短時間でいけることはすばらしいことだと思います。そしてそれがどんなにすばらしい事かね。アハハ。)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sad Saturday

I was really hard day for me, and I was really sad after all. However, I was busy and busy for all the time. I really wish I could rest little bit more, but I needed to finish some stuff. So I am going to do a lot of things needed to done. Well, next week I need to do some more things after all, so I just wanted to do some stuff done before next week start. I guess I will take some picture tomorrow and so on. I hope I will post soon! Oh yeah, today I was sad because of my dogs are at boarding place for next few months.

Friday, June 22, 2012

It's been busy day.

It has been busy busy busy day, and I am kind of really tired... Also, i am little bit sad.... Huh, well I guess I am going to be not happy somehow. Well, I will be ok after all I guess, but just not really mood for something....
Well, I guess I haven't doing a lot of things what I was supposed to be. I will be really busy all this week, but I hope I will be able to rest little bit this weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hana & Kuki

I was kind of happy to see Hana and Kuki everyday, but I already knew that I will miss them when I don't see them in Japan.... Well, it is a good thing that I spent time with them. I just wanted to write a sentence about Hana and Kuki.  Hana is the my first dog in the USA, and she is the best dog for me and stay with me all the time. I don't wanna lose her any at all. oh yeah, She is 6 years old now and I am little bit worried about she will be getting old, but I guess it will be ok. Kuki is the second dog in the USA, and I am really happy to have him. He is a great male dog, and he wants to help her. I am trying to have them happy as much as I can. ahaha.

hana and kuki

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kind of nice dinner.

I had a kind of nice dinner last night, and I was thinking that what I am going to eat today through Friday.

Well, I guess that I will have to think about what kind of food I have now. ahaha. However, I am not sure

what I am able to cook, but I will try anyway. I just want to post last night dinner, since I haven't post

any picture these days. I didn't think about the posting picture for this week yet. Because I didn't take

pictures to post here. Well, last night I took one, but I was having a lot of thing going on. So I didn't able

to post picture with my blog later day. This morning, I had to go to some place and hopefully everything

is going to be ok now.

Here is my last night dinner picture.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finally My Internet is back!

Finally, my internet is connected and back to normal service, and it is at 4:30am. I am so happy that I can use my internet now. However, my cellphone signal is still saying "No Service" and/or "1 signal". I hope my 3G Microcell  will be back to operation after all this out of internet service.... If 3G Microcell is not back to full operation, I will have hard time connecting with AT&T service inside my house. I know that. I am sure it will back to normal. ahaha.
(やっと今午前4時半ごろにインターネットが元に戻り接続しました。これでやっと自由にいろいろとみたり調べたりとできるようになりました。自分的にはインターネットが接続して元に戻っただけでとてもうれしかったです。本当に助かりました。しかし、携帯の方はまだまだ時間がかかりそうです。自分の家にある3G MicroCellはまだまだ修復中であるために、電波が圏外になったり1つだけ電波がある状態で。。。トホホです。早く直って元の生活になれ!!3G MicroCellが直らなかったら家の中では通話が出来にくくなりのは目に見えていて明日は1日外でいろいろと過ごすことになりそうな感じです。。。。でも、直ると思うので大丈夫だと思っています。これで安心して睡眠をとれます。)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh my god!!!!

My internet was out of service now... I am typing this with my phone, and I will upload this one short because I can not type as much as I want to type. I am really not sure how I can be ok without internet now... My phone signal is weak here where I am... So I am really sad. I am really mad that I can not type to look something now. I am hopping that my internet is back soon! I have been out of service for more than 3 hours now... Huh... How long does it be out?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Great Sunday!

I went to Virginia today to visit my friend's grandmother, because she invited me to go her place and it was a great place to visit. I had a good dinner and spending time there as one free free enjoying time. I wish I were having better time than I thought it. I wish I could spend little bit more time, but I have some stuff needs to do on Monday. So I came back to home tonight. Well, I just took some pictures there.

here are pictures.
next to my friend's grandmother's place

walking with dogs.

Farming place

clear sky!

Hana was tired after long walk

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Relaxing Saturday

I had a relaxing Saturday morning, then I went to see a movie with my friends in the afternoon. I was not planned to do much stuff today, but I had a great day after all. After movie, me and my friends went to a restaurant and ate dinner there. It was a good dinner, and I had a great time there too! I will miss watching movie with them and eating dinner like having a great time... (ToT) I hope that when I come back to Greenville, NC in August. I will have a great time again with them.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Kind of Busy Friday

It was kind of busy day, but it is on Friday. So I was good after all. But when I came back to home, I started some work and stuff for needed to finish until tomorrow morning, so I am still doing. I just want to write down some mentions for today. Also, tomorrow I hope I will have a good Saturday! ahaha.
Oh yeah, actually I made some nice dinner, and I eat around 8pm. I guess that was good to me but may not healthy enough... lol 

here is the picture!
Salad with Tuna can, Salmon, fired vegetable,
Miso Soup, 6 different vegetable mixed rice.
I hope everyone will have a great weekend

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Nice Dinner

I was kind of having a lot of free time today, so I decided to make a good dinner after all. I was not sure what to make and I didn't decide what I like to eat. Then, I looked at my refrigerator, I decided to make Chirashi. Because I needed to use some fish and eat a lot of refrigerator food before I am going to leave here for two months. So I started making and cooking food, and that took me to complete more than two hours. However, I was really happy that I can make Chirashi for my dinner. I think tonight dinner was the best food what I made for long time. I am sure now that I can make like that. I haven't been tired to make Osechi for long time, but this one was the best what I taste before too! YAY

Here is the dinner
this is my dinner!
Tonight I use Fire King Candleglow dishes and white Chilli Blow. Also, I use Fire King Japan's Mugs.



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy Wednesday....

Today was the last day of my final, so I was extremely busier than I thought of. However, I finish all of what I needed to do until 3pm then I had relaxing little bit. BUT BUT I forgot that I needed to do some stuff after I came back home during I was cleaning.... So I came to my desk and so on!.... awww.... Well, during my stuff done, I was cooking same time for dinner. My dinner was pork miso soup, fired vegetable, salad, and rice. I made really small meal today, but I really like to eat that. I guess now to next weekend, I will not make too much food, but I hope I will take picture when I make it! ahaha. I will miss what I am doing this kind of thing, but I am ok I think. Oh yeah, I will post my dinner later.

here is the picture!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I had last day of some stuff, and I finished two main things now. I just only left for one more day to finish all of what I needed to do. Then I need to finish up on Friday all of what I needed to do. Well I have one good thing which is I will have day off from things on Thursday this week. But I needed to research and finish thinking about it until tomorrow! I am sure I will do my best to do all this! Oh yeah, now I needed to prepare for some packing and so on. Awww.... I hope everything going to be a good thing. oh yeah.... I made dinner early and had a good dinner time, but I forgot to take the picture... oh my my.... ahaha.

Monday, June 11, 2012





Sunday, June 10, 2012

PageViews of 20,000

I just saw that one person visited to my blog, and it comes to 20,000 pageviews blog now! YAY! I am so happy that I see number of the pageview. I usually watch that when I open my blog, and start writing. I thought that almost 20,000 pageviews, but I was not sure when it will be like that. So Now it is officially papge view is over 20,000! Thank you for whoever visit my blog to get 20,000. I wish I could know 20,000 page viewed  person. ahaha. Well, it is ok that I am writing here for thank you to the person now! I hope the person will come back and read this message, she/he will be have a great time. I hope!

this is 20,000 pageviews picture

PageViews went up to 19,999

I just saw my blog page view went up to 19,999, and 1 more page view will be get 20,000. I am so happy that people visit my blog, and thank you for come to see my blog now. I just think that thank you to everyone whoever comes and visit my blog. I will continues to write everyday my life and hopefully will be fun to visiter and reader for my blog. I just happy that I am still writing this blog everyday. I am hopping that I will writing this one long term hobby. ahaha. I just really want to say that "thank you" to everyone.

19,999 pageviews
I will post that when 20,000 pageviews come up to my attention.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday. Not too much going on.

It was a good Saturday to spend time at home, and I was really lazy until around 4pm. I couldn't sleep last night until later later night, and I woke up around 7am but still I was sleepy... So I didn't get up bed until around 11am. However, I didn't sleep much lately... Oh well, it is ok. I guess I will be survived after all. I just wish I am really active and go somewhere... but I just couldn't do it any more like that. ahaha. 
Later today I mean in the evening, I cooked some dinner... Well, I didn't mean to eat late night, but I wasn't hungry until later night... But I made healthy dinner. So I guess it is ok to eat later night.

here is the picture...
my dinner

Friday, June 8, 2012

I went to see a movie....

I went to see a movie tonight at midnight, and I came home after that. However, I can not sleep right now after I watched that movie.... It was called "Prometheus" and kind of human being is going to another planet and will see and touched some unknown creature which mean alien. However this one was little bit grosser than what I thought, and my head couldn't get out of that image now.... I wished I didn't even see that movie. Well, I already saw it, so why not to write down since I am not be able to sleep yet. I am glad that I will have day off on Friday, which I don't have to wake up early morning. :D
(真夜中から始まる新しい映画を見に行き、そして家に午前3時頃帰って来ました。しかしながら、今まだ寝付けないので折角見た映画の事を少し書こうと思いました。ところで今回観た映画は”Prometheus”という題名でした。日本語でもプロメテウスと言うと思います。日本では8月24日に公開予定という発表がありました。この映画の大まかな内容は近くて遠い未来に人間が自分たちがどこから来たのかという事を辿っていきあることで他の惑星探査をして。。。そこで、未知の生命体と遭遇するという「エイリアン」から独立して違う方向で話が成り立っていくといった感じの映画でした。映画自体はエイリアンの話をなぞっているのでわかりやすいのですが。。。気持ち悪い部分がちらほらと映像でながれました。あまりにも強烈な場面もあり頭の中に印象として残ってしまって寝付けない状態に。。。:( それでブログを書いています。まぁ寝るのが遅くなっても明日は金曜日で何もないので朝早く起きなくてもよい!ということで助かりました。)

here is the movie poster....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not Busy Day

It was not busy day after all, and I had several hours for myself. Also, after today, I will have three days off from everything. I don't think I will be busy this weekend, but I had some stuff done today too. So, it has been so good. Then, I figured out that I need to finish some stuff what I already finished due date was next week... lol Which mean, I don't need to do much stuff next week... ahaha. Well, I hope I will have not busy days from today through next weekend. I guess that is a great time. That means I will have some time for myself to do something! Oh yeah, I cooked some food and eat today, but really simple one! AHAHA.

here is the picture
my simple dinner!

Nice DAY and not too hot!

I had a nice weather today, because it was not too hot, and in the morning was cool down temperature too. So I was kind of really good mood to start the day! However, I was busy and didn't even think what's going on after all. So I was kind of tried and didn't even think that what I needed to do. When I came back home today, my dogs needed to go to animal hospital to get shots. Because they will stay at some other place for two months... So they needed to get shots.... I went to veterinarian place that time my dogs are really crazy!... But after they got shot from Vet, they were cum down. ahaha. Well, that was quick and short time for them. So that was good! Then I came home and made some dinner! It was a good dinner, I made and ate tonight!

here is my dinner
this is my dinner!
Oh white rice was left over from yesterday.... ahahaha

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I saw a great SUNSET view

I was driving before sunset, and I watched a great sunset view from my car view today. I think that was better than I saw it before and I was really surprised how much I can feel that sun is burning and is giving us for energy. I even didn't think that for long time, but it was a nice view after all. I am kind of glad to see that one. Also, I got energy now, and I will be better tomorrow than today!

here is the pictures
sunset from my car view!

this is not fire under there, it is actually sunset

Monday, June 4, 2012


Actually, today was really hot and not really be able to stay inside without air condition during day time. However, I was cooking some lunch and dinner same time, but it was way too hot and I needed to get some fan for myself during cooking. Well, it is a good day to spend time to make lunch and dinner so I decided to do. However, I needed to go back to school until 5pm today, but after that I had some hours off... ahaha I hope everything is going to be ok but busy days comes back and going on next two more weeks. However, after that I will be not too busy.... I guess....

here is today's picture

this is my dinner... it was like this.... lol

Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Sunday of June

It's a nice day and good Sunday to spend time with my dogs. It was kind of hot but not too much going on. So I was relaxing and having a great time with my dogs. I decided to wash my dogs, so they are smell good after that. I am sure dogs hate that I made them to take shower and washed with water and soap.... However, it needs to be done by me and my roommate, so they will be okay! I am sure that dogs will forget it day after day. Also, I gave them some treats so they will be happy after all this. I made some small dinner tonight, but I didn't take pictures.... lol Well, maybe tomorrow I will do that.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

I made some good early dinner!

I made a early dinner today, but I am not sure why I did that one. Well, I didn't know what to do, so I started cooking earlier. I was little bit bored for before I start cooking, and I thought it is a good thing that I make better food for dinner. I guess that is why I ate dinner early now. Well, Saturday is not much going on, and will be really do sometime. I can be relaxing for all day long. Oh yeah, I will going to watch a movie tonight, but not really soon... just sooner! Well, hopefully I will have a good time watching movie!

here is dinner picture

 I took another picture from my first floor window outside view. I took this picture around 6pm. But still looks like around 2 or 3pm... It's really bright outside, but not too hot. So it feels like perfect day!
outside view and looks like 2pm, but it's at 6pm

Friday, June 1, 2012

I finally got a music Song!

I was waiting and waiting for more than few weeks to get a music song which it is using a drama, and my favorite singer song! That is "Kokuhaku" by Hirai Ken. This is a good song to hear sometime when I am thinking about and/or finding some stuff where I need to go. I guess this song talking about our feeling and happens for life. Well, a nice song what I can hear for new! I haven't hear Ken Hirai's new song for long long long time. It's been really good to hear for the new music. Oh well, maybe it is a good thing.  I just like to hear New songs which uses by drama.

告白 CDカバー

this is from PV