Sunday, November 19, 2006


Now, I got Playstation 3

this is Photo from website but it is like this!I love this PS3 system~!

Playstation 2

just old system but still can play great games!


fun playing system and always connect with internet!

XBOX 360

this is much good looking but not using now... lol

Nintendo Wi i

this is awesome system from Nintendo!

controllar is very nice~!

Nintendo DS lite

this is only Japan sales but I have it in here.

So total awesome in my apartment... however, I think I will just play Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2 and 3 , and Nintendo DS....I did not play XBOX 360 so long time and even I don't know what games, I have now... lol.Also, PS3 is awesome games CG and Movies, and it can play Blue-ray DVD! How it is great and nice to have it ( since Blue-ray Player is cost at least $1200 to $1500).Nintendo Wii is better than it cost and it is very fun to play with controller which they made it. I was not think it is so good to have fun and acctually move a lot more than before systems or PS3 and XBOX 360 games. i guess it is much different, and Wii will be become very good sales in USA or Japan.I really think about how I am really lucky to have all of this systems... it is kiinda just weasting money, but acctually I can play much fun with games. This two system just came up to this world could make everyones thinking of games or might make people want to play game with these!I hope you guys have chance to play games with PS3 and Nintendo Wii!