Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tonight dinner was two different one!

I had dinner with  my roommate tonight, but we both wanted to different things. So I decided to make
myself for beef steak and my roommate made Salmon steak for dinner. We both cook differently, but eat
same time. lol But still we both eat rice and miso soup which I made that one. I taught my roommate that
how to make miso soup, but he hasn't learned that one yet (well he just lazy to make it)... I guess. Well, it
is ok, because miso soup is not that difficult to make and not that much time I need to spend for
cooking. When I set up my dinner and take picture that time I thought why not to take picture that my
roommate made one too! So I took both main dishes. I asked my roommate to give me some of salmon
steak he made one, and I gave my steak for some part of it. So it is deal for exchange food. I liked that
salmon, but it was what I told him to make it recipe.... haha. Well, I am glad that I know if I don't wanna
make sometime maybe I can ask my roommate to make for me that salmon steak and rice! not miso
soup.... I use Fire King Azurite Swirl dishes this time. I will post my dinner below here.

here is my dinner
This was my dinner tonight

Oh yes! I almost forgot that when I was eating dinner that time my dogs wanted to eat some of my meat.
So I asked them to try to take from me, and I made them to try heard to get it. :D They can get just one
piece of my steak meat for each one, but both of Hana and Kuki worked hard enough to get that one. I
hope they had a good taste of meat. But they were so cute when I look at so I got picture for both. I will
post those picture below here.

here is them.
This was Hana

This was Kuki

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