Wednesday, August 31, 2011

two more days

My friend will come here in two days... I will go to DC and pick him up and stay the night that day there. 

Well, I think it will be fun day, and have a great weekend!

I have classes until Thursday but after that I will not have classes until next Thursday, but I need to prepare for several things.

I hope everyone has a great day today and tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

now little bit back to normal

After the Hurricane IRENE, here is back to normal. However still need to fix some places.

Well here is different thing. I bought some Fire King dishes when I came back from Japan... Just one or two, and I like that one so I bought it...

here is the picture
Fire King Azurite Fruit dish 

Fire King Torquiest Blue Cup and Saucer

These are what I bought and I don't think I can buy these again sometime later since hurricane was damaged a lot of places now, and they need to recover from that.

I am sure I will have enough time to wait for that anyway!

I hope everyone will have a great night and have a nice days!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Classes are Canceled.

University classes are canceled tomorrow, and I don't have classes until September 1st on Thursday. I was surprised that university is decided to not have classes until tomorrow this early morning.

Well, I have two more days to prepare for my classes start again.

Have a great days!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still some of places have damages

I went to several places today and I was surprised that how bad hurricane's damage was. I saw several big trees fell down, and these makes electricity shut down. Also it is really really bad around here, and university is closed for Monday, and it will announce Tuesday classes what's going on. I knew that what would happen after hurricane, but this is not what I was expected about it.

Here is some picture of after the storm

Glifton's Antiques

I am sad that hurricane gave here this city for damage a lot more than people expected, and it is hard to believe that trees and several stuff changes around here.

hopefully will get back some how soon!

Last day of meal in Japan before I left

I couldn't post food what I ate in Japan before I left Kumamoto. I wish I could post that earlier than right now I am posting.

here is the pictures
restaurant outside view


appetizer with some sashimi

fried fugu

fugu with egg


ama ebi (sweet shrimp)

hiyashi chawanmushi

nice dinner 

Tofu with Uni

main dishes

This was a great dinner before I came back to USA, and I really love this restaurant sushi dinner set. I am so happy to go there at night and had dinner with my mother.

Hopefully, next year we will have dinner with several people in here.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane IRENE

Today was all day long hurricane day, and it was not too bad I thought first. However it was not really good. Around here in Greenville has a lot of damages and I took some picture and video from my house view. I was so surprised that we had this kind of hurricane this year.

I can not believe that happen after I came back to Greenville.

here is the pictures
beginning of hurricane at 7am

already tree fell down

Broken Pole 

Hard Wind

around noon

When I was going here tree was broken and fell down
 During I was going through above road, I saw the tree comes down from up. I was surprised, but I was glad to be that didn't come to my car!

tree was fell down and crossed road

my back yard view

Tree was warped 

road is really dirty

tree is on the one car!

poor car

tree is blocking street

river water is coming to parking 

broken trees

near my house road blocking by tree

tree blocked the road
This is during and after hurricane and I cannot believe that happens.....

here is some video in front of my house.
this is my house view of hurricane

front view

Kuki was watching Hurricane IRENE storm

back yard view

I hope everyone had a good day other than hurricane is here....

I had a good day of off from everything, but still I was missing a lot of things since electricity was not there... but now electricity is back... so I am ok! yay!

hope have a nice and good SundaY!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane IRENE

I think Hurricane IRENE is coming to Greenville, NC and Eastern NC. I hope everything will be going to be ok. I am not sure what's going on yet, but seems like it will be weaken every hour now... So I guess it should be ok.

Also, Greenville NC will have 5-6" of raining total until hurricane is gone... so I guess it's ok.

here is the Hurricane looks like now.
Hurricane IRENE
I am hearing that news said that IRENE is getting weaker than they expected now, but still Category 1 Hurricane go through near here.

Right now outside is hard raining than I though... but It should be ok!

I will update more and more tomorrow!

have a great night!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Second day of the school

I went to second day of the school and it was ok.

I guess it is better than I thought, but I am just worried about Hurricane now... but Seems like I will be ok. ahaha

Well, hope everything will be ok and have a great time tonight and tomorrow!

I just need to have focus on what I need to do for next few days.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24th

Today is the second day of came back to Greenville, and I have a lot of things going on still...

Well just want to update for this blog... so I post one sentence.

Hope we all have a great day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am in Raleigh, NC

I am arrived at Raleigh, NC at 11:04am at local time (Japanese time at 12:04am August 24th).

I left Japan on August 22nd at 8:40pm and arrived at here in Raleigh at 11:04am on August 23rd! ahaha it's not really far looks like from time but it is far from Japan.

I am sure I will have a great Fall 2011 and have a great time, but still I miss a lot of things!




I hope everyone has a great day and night!

I am in Houston

I just arrived at Houston now at 5:40am at local time, but I will be out of here at 7:15am to Raleigh, NC then go back to Greenville and go to class right after that! lol

I hope I will have another good flight from Houston.

I haven't been to here since I came to USA, but I just here for 1.5 hours so I won't be able to see outside, but I will see outside from airplane!

Hope I will have a great time!


Have a great day for everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Arrive in LA

I arrived in LA, CA United States of America now... I think this would be nice to post the post here... but in Japan is already around 10:30pm or so... I am sure I will talk to my mother when I go to some other places...

Now, I hope I will get on to another airplane on time then go to another place on time. Here is night time at LA and local time is 6:30pm. ahaha

Well, Hope everyone has a great day!

Today is the leaving

Leaving Japan at night today on August 22nd.

My flight is leaving here in Kumamoto at 8:40pm, so I am kind of sad but I am ok. I just need to check all what I need to have. Since my passport has new VISA for next five years...! YAY!

Oh yeah, I have to have I-20 Form before I leave here and that needs to stay with me! If not I can not be enter the USA... I just check it before I leave here at my home!

Now, I am going to go back to USA but before that I will go to eat Sushi at one restaurant! Then I go back to USA.

I am sure this time, I will miss all happen here in Tanoura, Kumamoto, and so on! This year had a lot of great memories than previous years summer! So I am happy but sad same time.

First time, I thought I don't want to go back to my own life in the USA, but Now I need to change my mind! ahaha I still want to be stay in the USA for next few years! AND hopefully as long as I can!

Well here is my thought after I came back home....

Well, I hope I have safe trip!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Went to last late meal with my mother on August 21st!

I went to late meal with my mother tonight, and I had Chicken Italian Cheese with Rice and Salad set. It was good dinner meal for late night... since this would be last dinner time meal with my mother before I leave Japan. Then we tried to get some Kakigori! But it was small and I didn't expected for this one. I usually get some better meal with that Kakigori.... so I was surprised, and I told them this is so small and another place is better and bigger than this one, then they told me to no cost for this one. So I was not saying that I won't pay it, but need to change it before another person is coming to ask them that same question as me.

Well here is the picture of it.

Green tea and Sweet Beans (azuki)

Strawberry with Mango
 You can see this is small... I usually got twice bigger than this and pay same cost as this one. Well, I didn't eat it any. ahaha

Well maybe I will be ok to eat but I was not really want to eat since they told me no cost.

Oh yeah, I will try to post more different one if I have chance to take the pictures!