Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last night, I made Some A Good Dinner.

    Last night, actually I made a good dinner for me. I didn't want to eat a lot first, and I was trying to cook small meal. However, when I start cooking food, I got more hungry than I start cooking. End up, I made a good dinner for myself, and I was looking at my kitchen cabinet and find out what which dishes I should use.... Well, finally I decided to use Fire King Jadeite Shell and use all of them as Fire King Jadeite ones. Main dish is beef steak, rice, steamed broccoli, and some vegetables. I like to eat a lot of vegetable with beef steak especially steamed/raw Broccoli.
    That makes little bit balanced calories for healthy. This is not too healthy, but I like to eat sometime. I haven't made like this little while, since I was eating some similar meal dishes everyday.... Sometime. I should spend time and cost for making dinner. (^_^)v That way, this all dished what I have for Fire King will have better display for food. ahaha.

(     昨夜、私はちょっと良い夕食を食べました。私は、最初にたくさん食べたくなかったので、少量の食事を調理しようとしていました。しかし、私は調理を開始したトタン、結構、お腹が空いてきたではありませんか、しかも料理を始める前よりもお腹が空いてきちゃいました。結局、まともな食事を作って、食器棚を見ながらどのお皿を使って料理並べようかと考えてしまいました。最終的に選んだのは、ファイヤーキングジェダイシェルをメインの料理に使用し、他のジェダイカラーのお皿をその他の料理に使おうと決めました。

here is my dinner picture.
I use Fire King Jadeite dishes
MeaL : Rice, vegetables, steamed broccoli, and Beef Steak.  

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