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【火曜9時】Miss Pilot : Miss Pilot 「ミス・パイロット」

Miss PILOT (ミス・パイロット)
I finally watched Japanese drama which on Tuesday and this week start one. I like to have a good feeling of this jdrama. It is called "Miss Pilot" and start at 9pm on Tuesdays. I really like the main role actress who is Ms. Horikita, Maki. Well, this story was a good drama for right now what we have in Japan and other world's situation who graduating from an university and trying to find out what kind of company can be hired. That will be their future will be going on. It is a hard time for everyone, but maybe one light would give you a chance to have some kind of position some kind of point of your life. Well, introduce is until here.

大学の就職相談室 (たぶん)
やっと火曜日で日本のドラマで 今週始まったのを見ました。このドラマはいいなぁって思っていました。ドラマのタイトルは「ミス・パイロット」です。毎週火曜日の午後9時に始まるものです。主役をやるのは女優の掘北真希さん。やっぱりこの時期にあるのにはぴったりな感じのものでした。就職氷河期といわれながらといいつつ他の国も似たり寄ったりなところがあるのも事実ですよね。でも、就職先がないわけじゃないですよね。大学生などが卒業する時もしくは卒業後の就職さがしってことですよね。でも、このドラマはいつどこで自分の運命の就職にあえるかわからないというような感じから始まるようです。序説はまずこの辺りで。。。

ANA airplane takes off
I am going to talk about this "Miss Pilot" first episode of summary. I may not talk all, and I am going to try.  First episode of this story start with ANA pilots of talking about who they would be able to hire for practitioners. Then, change back to main character of Hazu Teruka. She is going to try applying to many companies who are hiring the people for new entries. However, almost all of them said that "We would like to approve every application we receive,but unfortunately that is not always possible....etc." So always she got deny from many companies. 

まずはこの「ミス・パイロット」の第1話のお話のあらすじやまとめと話します。全部話せるかわかりませんが。。。まずは始まりはANAパイロットたちのたわいもない話を操縦席でしているという所から始まります。機長の篠崎 一豊(岩城滉一)が副機長の国木田 孝之助(斎藤工)へと質問を投げかけます。その後、主役の手塚 晴(堀北真希)が就職活動をしながらいろいろな会社に就職の申し込みをしているという感じですが、一向に合格の手紙はきません。「弊社とのご縁がなかったということで。。。などなど」そして。。。

But one day, she was trying to answer the interview questions for them where she was applied to ANA pilot company. However, she felt she is not going to pass the first interview. Then she was debating with Ms. Oda, Chisato. After that time, she went to several different interview, and she talked to a company important person. Also, that place she seems like liked the place. After few days, she was trying to shred the paper with shredder. That time, she thought that she applied for pilot was deny and not hired or unfortunately won't have enough to hire, however, when she read the paper she found that she was passed the first application screening. She was so happy to see that paper, and going to first interview section.After few days, she found that she pass pilot and going to have second interview and third interview.... 

Miss PILOT Episode ①
ある日の事、彼女はANAのパイロット試験と面接を受けることになりました。彼女はあまり良い印象を与えるような面接での解答なども出来ずにいました。彼女的には受かってないだろうなぁという感じだったようです。その後、小田 千里(相武紗季)とちょっとしたいい争いになってしまいます。面接を他の会社にもうけに行きます。しかしながら、彼女はパイロットの試験や面接は1次を通過、そして2次面接というか試験では、ダメダメな感じでしたが誰かに教えてもらうという純粋な心が決め手となったのか、通過して、3次へと進み最終試験まで行くことに。。。それから。。。

ANA Airplane
Then after all, she had a company was going to hire her at that last interview place, but the company is going to wait for answer until she decided. After that, she decided to not take a company who hired her and decided to take last interview with pilot application, and she passed all of them. Well, this will have more stuff going on and on to be continued for next episode.

手塚 晴(堀北真希)

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