Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lunch.... Really quickly Lunch~!

I start making my lunch today around 11:30am and eat at 12pm. Because I was waiting my rice to finish cooking. So I can eat with other food. My lunch menu was rice ball and miso soup. So it was really quickly to make it. When I was waiting I was debating myself for which Fire King Dishes I should use for lunch... which will be my favorite dish of Azurite Swirl or Turquoise Blue ones. I was looking at both dishes for several minutes, and I decided to use Azurite Swirl ones. I was just going to eat rice ball and miso soup so why not to have lighter color dishes. Also, I know that rice ball with both dishes are looks good and make it looks better anyway. If I only eat rice ball and miso soup still dishes make better and looks gorgeous after all. Well, that's about it when I made it and ate.... Now, I am going back to look at computer and finish up my arrangement for photos!

Today's Lunch
Menu: Rice Ball, Miso Soup and Tea
Dish: Fire King Azurite Swirl

Rice Ball (おにぎり)

Miso Soup


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