Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today was a Cool down day of summer!

It's a nice and cool down day in here. It is so nice that we have less warm day during middle of summer season. I even don't need to turn on any fun or air-condition at my home. Also, my dogs are having a great time all day long. So all over today was a good day. I didn't have much to talk about today, but I just want to say I had a good day. Oh my lunch was not much to eat so I just made easy cooking one. That is Beef Tataki. It's halfway of raw beef cooking. It's a good way to eat sometime when you wanna eat colder and cool down during warmer day.  Well, it was a nice day for eating like that. I was cooler than other day, but still warm enough to eat like that. Weather was low 80's F degrees. Oh yeah, I ate with rice and miso soup. 

here is my lunch picture
Rice, Miso Soup, and Beef Tataki
Dishes: Fire King Jediete dishes

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today's Lunch: Simple Japanese Meal But....

I had a good lunch today, and I use Fire King Azurite dishes made in U.S.A ones. However, what I made for lunch was really typical Japanese meal, so looks like this is Japanese dish after all... Well, my meal is a healthy one this lunch and made me really happy anyway. So I like to post here for just small picture of it. My lunch menu was rice, miso soup, egg, and  steamed salmon with seasoning. It is a good lunch to eat like this when you have time for enjoying it. I was eating this lunch and really enjoyed it with my dogs around me. Well, this was a nice and a great spending for cooking and eating. Also, dishes makes this meal better than just using normal dishes. ahaha.

here is the picture
rice, miso soup, egg, and steamed salmon
Fire King Azurite Swirl dishes

Monday, July 22, 2013

Early Dinner on Monday!

Today, I had an early dinner and it was not that much to eat, so I made sara-udon. Which is fired base noodle and some vegetable with beef taste served with soup on top of it. I haven't make this long time, so looks like similar to sara-udon. However, taste was not that bad and I like to use my Fire King Dish with that one. Well, I made two people can eat for one big platter plate then I ate half of it. I use cabbage, Carlotta, sprout, and beef with potato starch and water with some seasoning. For fired udon is I bought it. So it is easy to make it. Usually it takes less than half hour, but this time, I didn't even think what I am going to use... So it was take little bit longer than usual. Well, I ate my dinner around 5pm. Looks like I am eating at lunch from picture, but here is 5pm is really bright and sunset does not come until 8:30pm. So that's why it is bright.

here is picture.

Fire King Azurite Swirl dish

for mine

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Morning Meal

This morning, I ate my good morning meal.... such as Salmon with rice and miso soup... Seems like I am eating really healthy meal, I have been eating for several days. However, it is a nice meal for morning and breakfast. I like to make some breakfast sometime, but this Japanese meal is the best thing to eat in the morning! Oh well, I use my Japanese dishes for this morning. I haven't use this long time since I have Fire King dishes. I am so happy that I know how to make a good Japanese meal in the morning. Well, I think I will have a great day after all.

here is my picture of breakfast
Salmon Rice and Miso Soup

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dinner, I haven't post much picture lately

I made a dinner round 5 or 6pm and I eat that little bit later, because I was doing some research for myself. I was little bit busy after I started research and looking around... So that's why I didn't update last night. I was going to update, but I was updating some information for my other website last night. Well, here I go, now I am updating my blog here. I just made simple ones...

Fire King Azurite Swirl dishes
I only write small blog today, but I will try to write more next time.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Almost two months... not updated...

I was little bit off from this website because I started new one for my own, and it called "Eiichi Talks Tech". Well, that website is all about technology, information and mobile phones, but still talk more than technology and information. I will try to update here this blog as well at least two or three times a week from next week. So I will try to do my best what I can do. Well, just want to announce for what I was doing for this two month off from this blog. I hope you guys have a great weekend!
(久々にここに書き込みをしています。2ヶ月ほどお休みしていたのは新しいウェブサイトを立ち上げてそちらをメインにやっていたからです。ウェブサイトの名前は「Eiichi Talks Tech」といいます。そのサイトでは基本的にテクノロジー、インフォメーション、携帯の情報など様々なものを取り上げています。テクノロジーだけに絞っている訳ではないのですが、基本的にはそれだけです。しかし、来週からはこちらの方も週に2回か3回ほど更新していこうと思っています。それを言うだけにブログに書き込みをしました。皆さんよい週末をお過ごしください。)