Wednesday, November 6, 2013

last night dinner

I had a good dinner last night, and I like to eat like that sometime another night next week or maybe later
this month. I tried to make/cook some kind of a good dinner, and I like to use the my favorite dishes.
Well, it is a really simple dinner, but using a good dishes, that makes dinner meal better than what I eat...
By the way, I like to know what kind of dinner will be best to make a day. Oh yeah, it is just depend on
what you like to eat for dinner, that will be the best dinner that moment. So I even don't care about what I
am going to eat anyway. I hope this makes sense to you. I just want to say that what you like is the best
thing what you are making and cooking it.
I hope everyone has a good dinner tonight!

Dinner : beef stew, miso soup, rice and tea
Dishes : Fire King Azurite Swirl and Snoopy Mug.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What Kind of New Technology will be the NEXT???

what new technology will be next?
I was thinking now what would be next technology with mobile devices... Well, smart watches are coming up from a lot of companies... Well, how about anything new? 
Huh, I don't know what to think yet, but I know that people are little bit getting tired of all smartphones. It is a good thing that new thing comes up now than in the future. However, it is hard to image a new mobile device since we have smart watch, mobile phone, cellphone, smartphone, Tablet devices, LapTops and Computers.
However, one thing we don't have yet for our life, that is less battery required devices. It is hard to maintain for all devices without battery right now. But our battery is short of time use for most of them (unless you don't use it for more than 1~2 hours a day). Well, maybe next few years people will develop to have less battery required devices... or no battery needs. I know several cellphone had solar powered charging system, but that take more time than just changing from plug. Well, maybe soon, we will have better technology for solar power charging system. Well, I like to use my cellphone anytime, but still short battery life... So sometime I need to have charger with me... 

What would you think our next technology be?

T-Mobile will be not what people expected for their announcement.

Well, T-Mobile was announced that 200MB free for everyone who like to use their network, and who are not customer for them still be able to use it. Well, that was a really good deal for everyone who like to use minimum of their data on iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini so on. It is a good to be true now, because actually the people who tried to get T-Mobile with an iPad Air and a lot of time they found out that it is actually have fee for 200MB data user for monthly, and that will cost $10.00/month. That means they will have to pay monthly cost instead of total free. Well, that was what I was kind of expected to hear from people who has not have T-Mobile cellphone or monthly payment. Well, almost all website said that " If you cancel wireless service, remaining balance on device becomes due. 0% APR O.A.C for well-qualified buyers."  So that means some kind of monthly plan is required  or may need to have somehow track the contract with T-Mobile. Well, that was catch for all people who like to have 200MB for free, but they need to have some kind of monthly payment at same time for T-Mobile. If not, T-Mobile will just lose their money for iPad Air and iPad mini. So that is really a true thing that 200MB free is not free actual cost is $10. 
Also, if you try to buy from online, you can not choose 200MB data plan any at all. AND it is only shows that minimum data plan is 500MB, and will cost you monthly for $46.25 include iPad Air cost. However, that makes people will think that where that free 200MB announcement for all people for life?? 
Compare that reality to what T-Mobile said in a press release last week:
And every T-Mobile iPad user will receive 200 MB of free 4G LTE data every month for as long as they own their iPad, even if they aren’t yet a T-Mobile customer.
Where is this T-Mobile words gone??? Well, T-Mobile is not provide all over 4G LTE places in the USA and/or other places where they are trying to have 4G LTE speed cellphone connection. Well, I hope this will help you to decide which model of iPad Aid you would like to get.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Well, really not able to sleep last night.

I was trying to sleep last night, but I could not sleep any at all.... I hope I will sleep little bit tonight if I can sleep....

Monday, October 28, 2013

Today's Early dinner!

I was trying to figure out some kitchen cleaning online, and figure out some things. Then I went shopping
to several Grocery Stores in Greenville, NC. After, that I decided to eat early dinner for today. I didn't
eat lunch, and I was hungry that time. Well, it was a quick cooking for dinner. I cook Salmon Tataki.
Because that salmon was less expensive than usual, so I decided to buy at store where I went to buy
some grocery food and stuff. Well, I just cooked only Salmon Tataki. So it was really quickly to finish
and ate all after that. I just took pictures for dinner. Oh yeah, I just Fire King dish as well, but this time I
use primrose  ones. I haven't use that dish for long time. Well, I like that dish, but sometime I forgot that
I have it.... AHAHA. Well, I hope everyone enjoy your dinner time!

Here is my dinner.
Dinner: Salmon Tataki, Rice, Harusame Soup
Fire King Primrose dishes

Salmon Tataki

Soy Sauce from My hometown (Ashikita, Kumamoto)

Japanese TV show 'Waratte Iitomo!' to end in March after three decades

Waratte Iitomo!
That's kind of sad to hear news from Japan that Japanese TV show "Waratte Iitomo!" will be finish in
March, 2014. This show was a longest Japanese variety show since 1982. So that means 32 years of TV
history it has. It was suddenly Mr. Tamori (Morita Kazuyoshi) said during show on October 22nd, 2013.
I am sure a lot of people are surprised this announcement. I hope some kind of a good show will start in
April 2014, but I can not believe that is happening. When I watched the TV that time, I like to watch this
lunch time show when I am at home from I was child. However, I will not be able to see this show any
more after in March 2014. So it will have five more months.... I hope to see this sometime for special or
Gachapin and Mukku with Mr. Tamori

昨日はちょっと疲れがたまっていたけど。。。(Yesterday, I was tired, but .....)

Yesterday, I was really really tired and I didn't even think about what I like to eat any at all... but still I had
a good dinner. I had a fried vegetable with beef, rice, and Soup with vegetable. Also, I made peach tea
for drink. I even think that will be a good dinner first, but after all my dinner was a good one for me. I like
to eat vegetables more now. ahaha. This time, I use Fire King Turquoise Blue bowl, Jadeite Jane Ray
lunch dish, Jadeite D-Mug, and Japanese miso soup bowl. So I had four different dishes and three kind
of color ones. I wanted to use all same dish, but I didn't use a lot of dish. So I decided to use different
ones. So that way, I can keep all dishes what I have I am going to use. It is not a good thing that I won't
use and just sitting there.

Here is my dinner picture.

T-Mobile will be start the New Plan for Tablets!

This will be a brand new week to start with T-Mobile for customers who are going to get an iPad Air, an iPad mini and other tablet devices from T-Mobile. T-Mobile has been announced a lot of new plans for customers like current and new customer who are going to choice for career. The big plan was international free text and data plan for more than 70 countries for October 20th for new customers and on October 31st for current customers. So that was a big and good news for them. Well, this week on Friday, T-Mobile will start selling new iPad Air at store and will be $0 down for 16GB device up front, and $26.75 per months payment plan with 200MB free to connect with LTE network a month. So this mean you will have a connection for outside of your home anytime. When you are going to use at home with WiFi most of time, that will be best device to get from T-Mobile. Well, T-Mobile has been announce for prices for iPad Air 16GB, 32GB, 64GB month payment and how much expected to pay at front when you go to store and get it. Also, iPad mini for same monthly payment plan has been announced as $22.08.  Well, people who like to get minimum payment system, you maybe try this one and will be a good plan to use it on T-Mobile network.
iPad Air

Friday, October 25, 2013

MacBook update has one disappointed point!

OS X Mavericks
OS X Mavericks has been disable to move forward and back in Finder on Trackpad. Previous
(OS X Mavericksでは、ファインダーないでのフォルダ移動がトラックパットを使って簡単に)
versions have been able to use that three finger swipe system forward and back for Finder, but now it
is disable and won't be able to use. It would make people to have some inconvenience, but people
will get used it for under this OS X Mavericks. Well, I was really liked to use that three fingers swipe
for forward and back in Finder, but now I need to do clicking. I hope next update Apple will change
back to have this one able to use.

Here is some shortcut system use for Finder forward and back little bit easier.
1. use shortcut keyboard keys
(① キーボードショートカット)
going to forward for Finder "comm + ["
(「進む」は「comm + [ 」)
going back for Finder "comm+]"
(「戻る」は「comm + ] 」)

2. use BetterTouchTool
(② BetterTouchToolを使う)
Downloads » BetterTouchTool, BetterSnapTool & SecondBar (リンク先)
This BetterTouchTool is making your own setting for trackpad, and this is free software. When you
start using this one, you will like and addicted for using this one.

that will make little bit easier to forward and back between folders in Finder.

Apple OS Mavericks (it is free OS upgrade!

Apple has been announced that new MacBook OS which is OS Mavericks, and it is all free for upgrade for Apple MacBook users. That is a good thing OS upgrade is free, and I download after that. I am trying to figure out what it is getting better than before. Also, Apple was announced that it should make battery life longer than previous OS for MacBook. That will make better using performance for older ones.  My MacBook batter is 1.5 to 2 hours before, but now it is 3 to 4 hours. So that makes twice better battery life than before. Well, it is a good thing that you can use that as long as OS is upgradable and maybe it is a good thing for people who like to use Apple MacBook for your own computer. Apple should have another product for MacBook soon I hope!

OS X Mavericks

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iPad mini

New iPad mini was announced on October 22nd, 2013 from Apple, and it was additional features to 
(2013年10月22日には、new iPad miniの発表もアップル社からあり、今までのiPad miniに新たに)
current iPad mini. Also, this time Apple was announced that iPad mini will have Retina Display which is 
(機能や技術を追加した製品となりました。そしてiPad miniのディスプレイがついにRetinaディスプレイ)
high resolution display. This Retina display's resolution is higher than iPad Air and same as iPhone 5S 
(になってさらに高画像が映し出せるようになりました。これでiPad miniの画面がiPad Airよりもより)
display resolution. So this will be a good display to get one. Apple wrote that "2048-by-1536 resolution 
(綺麗な映像を見ることが出来、iPhone 5Sと同じものになりました。アップル社が独自のサイトで)
at 326 pixels per inch (ppi)" for display explain on the website. So that means it is a good quality display for 
(「2,048 x 1,536ピクセル解像度、326 ppi」と言っている事からもわかります。つまり、これほどよい)
iPad mini now after it comes to market. However, other than that it has not change much from current one to 
(画面でiPad miniを今後は作っていくということです。しかしながら、他の機能に関してはこれといった)
new one. So maybe people are not too excited but getting retina display is the best option for iPad mini and 
it is a good display after all. I am going to look and read more about this new iPad mini today, and I write 
more update information if I find anything new to added.

iPad mini

iPad mini with Retina dispaly

iPad mini with covers

Fried Vegetable with Beef cook within 5 minutes!

I made this morning fried vegetable with Beef for one of my dish, but cooking time was only 5 minutes
before rice cooker was finished making rice. Usually, I take more time than that I thought, but when I
start cutting and cooking, I recognized that I made within 5 minutes for fried vegetable with beef. I will
show that how I made it.

Fried Vegetable with Beef
Fire King Azurite Swirl lunch dish
Step 1.
Cutting the vegetables (onion and cabbages).
Onion is 12 equal parts or just balanced to cut for one bit size.
Cabbage (1/4 of whole one)is cut for one bit size, and green onion for small shredded.
(キャベツ(1個の4分の1) は一口サイズよりちょっと大きめ位にきって、細ねぎは細切りにします。)

Step 2.
seasoning combination, I use seasoning for cooking sake 20~30 ml, Ajimirin (flavor sweet cooking rice
wine) 40~50ml, and light salt soy sauce 10~20ml.  Total is around 70~100ml.

Step 3.
Frying pan with one to two spoons of vegetable/olive oil and put on High heat.

Step 4. 
when it is getting warm put onion, then stir fry for onion until get all heated (before that 30 seconds of
microwave would be help to cook faster.) Then, put sliced beef and stir frying for 30 seconds.

Step 5. 
Cabbage, carrot, and Shredded Green Onion put into Frying Pan, and cook for 3 minites to all heated
and cook all of them heated ok then put seasonings. Then 1 minutes to finish cooking.

So total time is around/less than 5 minutes. My dish is really quickly to cook and trying to my best for
cooking meals. I hope this will help you to make lunch or dinner when you don't have much time or tired
to make food for yourself.

iPad Air

iPad and iPad mini
Yesterday, Apple Inc. has announced that iPad and iPad mini. I was reading what it is new feature and so 
(昨日、アップル社の方からiPadとiPad miniの新作発表がありました。今朝になってもう一度新しい)
on. Well, iPad is now called iPad Air and has new design for all advance technology for one pound 
(機能等の読み返しをしてました。まぁ、今回のiPadはiPad Airという名前になり1ポンドという軽さ)
(454g) now. That is 28% lighter than previous design one and has 20% thinner than last one. But it is not 
too different from outside design from previous ones like iPad 2 to iPad 4. That part is little bit 
disappointed for many people. But it has been chance for thinner and lighter weight, and speed of 
processor. So that part is a good for many people who does not have iPad before. I like that part of 
product, but still not way too much different from iPad 2 ~ iPad 4 for some of them. Maybe, next year 
Apple will change for iPad design? or not. But it is not call anymore for iPad with number. This year, it is 
called iPad Air. So it is changed that way and this mean iPad Air will have some kind of influence for 
(今年からiPad Airとなっています。これによってMacBook Air等にも少しは影響があるかと思いま)
MacBook Air later? or next year? Well, Apple will have some kind of product changed soon I hope!

iPad Air
 Looking at this you can see some design changes, but can't see too much change from previous iPad.
iPad Air

iPad Air with covers


I was trying to make some meal for breakfast today. This morning was not too bad weather so far, but I
was little bit tired much more than I thought. Well, it is ok now. After I woke up, I still lying down on the
bed and trying to figure out what I am going to do. First, I thought I should make a good breakfast, and
that will give me some kind of energy after that. Also, I thought that I am going to read some stuff from
website until I will watch a drama later day. I just thinking about what I like to do for research right now.
Well, it is a good thing that I know what I can do for several days today through this weekend. Oh yes, I
will make a good meal tonight sometime I hope.
I use Fire King Azurite Swirl dish for breakfast, and it is a pale color dish. So it is a good breakfast dish.

here is my breakfast picture
Breakfast: rice, miso soup, and Fired vegetables with beef
朝食: ご飯、お味噌汁、と肉野菜炒め
Fire King Azurite Swirl Dishes

Friday, October 18, 2013

I will be off for Friday and will be no posting new blog after this for Today and this weekend.

I will be not posting new blog today and this weekend after this blog. I will post again sometime next week start.  Thank you for coming to read my blog, and I am really appreciated! I will be posting new blog not this weekend maybe until Sunday night or so. I hope you will have a great Friday and weekend!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tonight dinner was two different one!

I had dinner with  my roommate tonight, but we both wanted to different things. So I decided to make
myself for beef steak and my roommate made Salmon steak for dinner. We both cook differently, but eat
same time. lol But still we both eat rice and miso soup which I made that one. I taught my roommate that
how to make miso soup, but he hasn't learned that one yet (well he just lazy to make it)... I guess. Well, it
is ok, because miso soup is not that difficult to make and not that much time I need to spend for
cooking. When I set up my dinner and take picture that time I thought why not to take picture that my
roommate made one too! So I took both main dishes. I asked my roommate to give me some of salmon
steak he made one, and I gave my steak for some part of it. So it is deal for exchange food. I liked that
salmon, but it was what I told him to make it recipe.... haha. Well, I am glad that I know if I don't wanna
make sometime maybe I can ask my roommate to make for me that salmon steak and rice! not miso
soup.... I use Fire King Azurite Swirl dishes this time. I will post my dinner below here.

here is my dinner
This was my dinner tonight

Oh yes! I almost forgot that when I was eating dinner that time my dogs wanted to eat some of my meat.
So I asked them to try to take from me, and I made them to try heard to get it. :D They can get just one
piece of my steak meat for each one, but both of Hana and Kuki worked hard enough to get that one. I
hope they had a good taste of meat. But they were so cute when I look at so I got picture for both. I will
post those picture below here.

here is them.
This was Hana

This was Kuki

Typhoon 27th is toward to Japan.

In Japan, they just had Typhoon No. 26 which is called "WIPHA" and had enormous damage for right 
now. However, Typhoon No.27 which is called "FRANCISCO". It has been formed very nicely, and 
developing much faster than Typhoon No.26. So it maybe stronger than No.26, and will coming toward 
to Japan now for prediction. Hopefully not too strong for this one, since Japan had several damages 
already. If this Typhoon is becoming a lot stronger than weather forecast is talking. Just stay in your 
home and try not to go out during Typhoon is there. I am hoping that Typhoon No.27 (FRANCISCO) 
will not affect too much to Japan.

below is status of Typhoon as of now. 
Prediction path of Typhoon

Dessert for Lunch?!

I was thinking to eat something for lunch, but my stomach was not really that want to eat something for
food, so I decided to eat some small dessert. That was a yogurt dessert, and it is a peach yogurt. I think
this will make my stomach better and maybe later, I can eat better food for dinner or something. I was
just thinking that "What should I use for dish?!?"Well, I decided to use that Fire
King Sunrise Cup and Saucer again. I used it one time long time ago, and I decided to use it. Because
that makes yogurt better look. ahaha. Well, I was happy to see that and watch some video what I missed
to watch last night. I hope I will have a good relaxing afternoon for today and tonight! I am sure I will
going to make some food later this afternoon. Hopefully, I will try to walk my dogs before sunset.
Have a good Lunch!

Here is my dessert picture with Fire King Swirl Sunrise!

Yogurt Peach
Fire King Swirl Sunrise

My iPhone's History!

This is iPhones
This is almost one month from iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C first released, and maybe this is a good time to
(もうすぐiPhone 5C と 5S が発売されてから1ヶ月ほど経とうとしています。良い機会なので、これ)
talk about what kind of changes from iPhone Originals. Well, I can talk about this from my iPhone's 
history.I use iPhones since iPhone 3G, but I like my iPhone 5 since I am only able to change it once a 
(についてだけです。iPhoneを使い出したのはiPhone 3Gが出たころで今ではiPhone 5を使っています。)
year for first several years iPhone 3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S.
(iPhone を毎年買うチャンスがあったので買っていて使っていました。)

This is iPhone 3G
First iPhone 3G (まず最初はiPhone 3G)
This one was released on July 11th, 2008, and that was totally changed design from iPhone original which 
was released in 2007. That iPhone 3G had 3.5 inches display, and it had a first 3G connection phone ever 
(変更したものです。iPhone 3Gは3.5インチのスクリーンと初めて3Gスピードでの携帯通信が可能と)
it got. But first, I couldn't get it because I was away from USA, and I had different company that time 
also. However, when I came back that time, I decided to change phone company with my roommate, so 
that way it was a good time to buy it since people were already bought  it. Well, then I got it on 
(ルームメイトと一緒に契約をしてiPhone 3Gを購入しました。その頃にはすでに人気熱もおさまって)
September 19th, 2008 right before my birthday! 
This is iPhone 3GS
Second iPhone was iPhone 3GS(次はiPhone 3GSです。)
This one was released on June 19th, 2009. So again I went back to Japan for summer vacation, and it
was contract wish iPhone 3G until September 19th, 2009. Both way, I needed to wait for few months 
again, then I can buy it cheaper for upgrade that time. So I decided to buy it after I can get upgrade 
discount. However, I waited to get this iPhone 3GS until my birthday, so I can remember when I bought 
it.  Well, this design is not change, but speed of memory reading and HDD has been increased from 
iPhone 3G.
(iPhone 3G よりも増えたことです。)

This is iPhone 4
Third iPhone was iPhone 4(3つ目はiPhone 4です)
This one was released on June 24th, 2010, and that time I was in Japan again. Also, I didn't want to get it 
because it didn't come with white color same time with black one. So I waited for long time and I 
decided to buy it on November 17th, 2010. Also, that time I waited but white won't come until 2011, so I 
decided to buy iPhone 4. I knew in 2011, iPhone 4S should comes up anyway. This time, I still be able 
(わかって、iPhone 4Sがでて来るんだから早めに買おうと思い買ったんです。まだこの頃までは、)
to get upgrade discount since I was paying for near $70 per month for data and basic plan for this line. 
AT&T had deal for upgrade who are paying more than $60/month will be able to upgrade once a year. 
This time, model design was changed and had better cellphone signal receptor and better quality of 
screen so on.  

This is iPhone 4. 
Fourth one was iPhone 4S (4つ目はiPhone 4Sです。)
This one was released on October 14th, 2011. I got new phone on same day of when iPhone was started
released. It was not change that much that time, but I knew this will be my phone for this year and 
next year until I can buy iPhone 5. So I decided to buy it that time. design wasn't change much, but 
(iPhone 5を買うまでは使うというだろうと憶測を踏んでかいました。ただ、携帯の電波が良く入る)
speed and cellphone connection was increased, and I could connected with my local place where I live. 
But this was first time I order online to get new phone too. Well, it was a good phone to use  until I 
got iPhone 5. 
(4SはiPhone 5を買うまですごくいい機種だと思っていました。)

This is iPhone 5. 
Then finally, iPhone 5 
It was released on September 21st, 2012. However,I didn't even think about to change it until sometime it 
was on December 21st, 2012 and it is for myself to Christmas present. I was trying to wait to get an 
(2012年12月21日に自分へのクリスマスプレゼントとして購入しました。実は今年のiPhone 5Sを買う)
iPhone 5S this year (2013), but I got my friends gift card present for $50 for BestBuy, and BestBuy was 
(までは待とうかなと考えたんですが、折角BestBuyのギフトカード50㌦分とBestBuyがiPhone 5の機種)
discounting for iPhone 5 was $50 off. So I got it iPhone 5 that time. However, it had some kind of bug 
on iPhone 5, so I went to back to the store and they had only open box one for one left. Then, I found 
that store people will discount around $100 off from the price with other discount and gift card. So I 
paid $213.45 (¥15349 ) for iPhone 5 64GB one. I was so happy about it.
Well, this is all my story of iPhones for history! I hope everyone is enjoy reading it.

I hope you will have a great day!

I Still Like the Samsung Galaxy S3!

ntt docomo Galaxy SIII SC-06D
I still like my Galaxy S3 which was I bought it on June 28th, 2012, and I just use for two months in Japan. After that, I came back to America, and I just trying to use it in here since my Galaxy S3 was unlock from ntt docomo. However, it was only connect with 2G connection. It supposed connect with 3G and/or LTE for anywhere in here, but I don't have any chance to connect with it still. So I use occasionally this Galaxy S3.
ntt docomo Galaxy S3
I bought it on June 28th, 2012
私はGalaxy S3が今だに気に入ってる機種の1つですが、それを買ったのは2012年6月28日です。そして、日本で2ヶ月ちょっと使っただけでした。その後、アメリカに帰ってきてからは使う機会があまりなく過ごしています。でも、時々はメールのチェックなどをやりながら過ごしています。こちらに帰ってきてもこっちの携帯会社の番号で電話などを使って使えるようにとSIMロック解除をntt docomoさんの方でやったので使えるには使えたんですが、インターネットのスピードが2G しか繋がらないという事で使うのを諦めました。実際は3G か LTE を使えるはずだったのですが、なぜか繋げることが出来ず結局そのままになっています。まぁ、仕方ないことですね。だからといってその機種がいやになるということは全くありませんでした。
opening it... (it has been opened anyway...

However, some reasons I like to hold and touch it, and I use it a lot recently after I use many devices for review and so on. I tried to use Galaxy S4 and other new mobile phones at store. But still Galaxy S3 is the best mobile phone to fit on my hand, and I like to see the screens.
むしろ、さわり心地などが良いのでときどき握ってそれを使ってテレビ番組をアプリで見たりなどしていました。今年に入っていろいろな機種のレビューやなんかで他の機種を使ったりもしたんですが、やはりGalaxy S3 が気に入っているんです。やっぱり手にすっぽりとはまるからなんでしょうかね。それにスクリーンも綺麗なのも良いと思う点です。
Has a great screen size

I wasn't sure why I like that one since I can use my iPhone 5. Well, it is a nice device to use for bigger screen than iPhone 5, and I guess that screen won't bother me to mistype the message easily. However, one thing that I wish Galaxy S3 has iOS 7 or iOS 6 operation system, and maybe have more memory reading RAM... That way, I don't have to think it is slow operating sometime. But only one thing, I wish for it. Well, if I go back to Japan that day, I can watch the TV on my Galaxy S3 right away. So I really like that though. It is getting old phone, but still I like it more than Galaxy S4 design which is came out this year. 
Another picture of Galaxy S3 with box
でも、本当になぜかわからないんです。今はiPhone 5を使っているのにそれよりも良いと感じるのですから。たぶんなんですが、iPhoneよりも画面が大きいしみやすい。そして何よりも打ちやすいというところがプラスになってるのかもしれないです。ただこれはちょっとという点もあります。それは読み込みが時たま遅いことですね。それからiOS 6や7 のようにさくさく感がないときもありiOSが入っていたら良いのにと思ってしまったりします。あとは1GB のRAMですね。もう少しあればって思ってしまいます。でも、それだけなんです。悪いとかちょっととかと思う点はそれだけなんです。他には何もなにんですよ。それに、日本に帰ったらスマホですぐにテレビを見れる点も良いと思っています。これはやっぱり利点ですよね!Galaxy S4とどちらが良いかと聞かれたらやっぱりGalaxy S3の方がいいと答えちゃいそうです。デザインの点でもGalaxy S3の方が気に入ってます。ほぼ変わらないので!
I like this Galaxy S3
Galaxy S3 はお気に入りです。

Which bigger screen phone... Do you think popular for new ones????

This season and this year, just three new bigger screen smartphones comes out. Those phones are Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG Optimous G Pro and HTC One max. However, one phone is not yet to comes out for USA now.  All three of them seems like that is a great phones.
今秋と今年一年で画面が大きい人気のスマホが出てきました。そこスマートフォンというのがサムソンのGalaxy Note 3, LG Optimous G Pro, そして、HTC ONE maxという3つの機種です。まだ1つはアメリカでの発売がされていません。そのすべての機種はすごく良いスマートフォンになっています。

LG Optimus G Pro
               LG Optimus G Pro has 5.5 inches screen and this phone came out  May 2013. In the United States, the Optimus G Pro is available through AT&T for $99.99 with a 2-year contract and data plan. At release, it was priced at $199.99. But no other careers.
               (LG Optimus G Proは5.5インチのスクリーンサイズで2013年5月に発売されました。アメリカではOptimus G ProはAT&Tから今2年契約で$99.99で売り出されています。発売された当初は2年契約で$199.99でした。そして他の会社からはでていません。)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
             Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has 5.68 inches screen and this phone came out October 2013. The international Galaxy Note 3 was released on September 25, 2013 in over 140 countries, while its U.S. and Japanese releases were released in October 2013. It will connect with Galaxy Gear which is watchphone. 
            (サムソンのGalaxy Note 3は5.68インチの大画面で今秋10月に発売されました。このGalaxy Note 3は9月25日に発売が140カ国で発売が開始されましたが、アメリカと日本での発売は10月に入ってからの発売になりました。そしてこれは時計電話のGalaxy Gearとの接続して使うことができるようです。

HTC One max
              HTC ONE max is announced for October 14th, 2013 in the world, and it has 5.9 inches screen size. So this is the bigger smartphone device in this mobile market. HTC ONE max has been change small design change from HTC ONE, and it hsa fingerprint reading system on the back of phone.
               (HTC ONE maxは10月14日に正式発表が世界に向けてありました。そして画面のサイズは5.9インチとなっています。そしてこれは結構もしくは1番大きいものではないかと思います。このOne maxは仕様もすこしHTC ONEに比べて変わりました。そしてさらに指紋認証も取り入れたりと今までのものに比べてさらに機能が充実した模様です。

I like the HTC ONE phone!

HTC this year's products
I am going to show the HTC ONE spec for this post! Well, it's depend on where you are living in the country, but in the USA, below will be the HTC ONE spec.

Data                      Edge, 4G, GPRS, LTE (below is more information from HTC ONE official website)


  • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


  • Europe/ Middle East/ Africa: 900/1900/2100 MHz with HSDPA up to 42 Mbps
  • Asia: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz with HSDPA up to 42 Mbps
  • Canada/ Latin America: 850/1900/2100 MHz up to HSDPA 42 Mbps
  • T-Mobile (US): 850/ AWS/1900/2100 MHz with HSDPA up to 42 Mbps
  • AT&T: 850/1900/2100 MHz with HSDPA up to 21 Mbps
  • Sprint: 1900/2100 MHz with HSDPA up to 14.4 Mbps

3G - CDMA:

  • 800/1900 MHz for Sprint

4G - LTE:

  • Europe/ Middle East/ Africa: 800/1800/2600 MHz
  • Asia: 1800/2600 MHz
  • T-Mobile (US)/ AT&T/ Canada/ Latin America: 700 MHz and AWS band
  • Sprint: 1900 MHz
Antenna                 Internal
Design                   Bar
Dimensions            5.41" x 2.69" x 0.37" (137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 mm)
Headset Jack         3.5 mm
Keyboard/Buttons  Touchscreen
Side Keys               Yes
Type                       Smartphone
Weight                    5.04 oz. (143 g)
Standby Time       N/A
Talk Time              N/A
Type                     2300 mAh
Colors                 16.7 million (24-bit)
Multitouch           Yes
Resolution           1080 x 1920 pixels

                              4.7" Sony Super LCD 2 display
Touch Screen      Yes - capacitive
Type                    TFT, TFD, LCD (Color)
Camera and Video
Camera Features  1080p full HD video recording on both cameras,                              
                              2.1MP front-facing camera with 88-degree wide angle lens,
                              HTC UltraPixel rear camera with 1080p video capture,
                              360 degree panorama, optical image stabilization and object
                              removal, Wide-angle front facing shooter with 1080p video
                              recording and optical image stabilization
Flash                     LED
Live TV                 Yes
Megapixels            UltraPixel
Streaming Video    Yes
Data Messaging
Instant Messaging              Yes
Text Message Templates   Yes
Text Messaging                  MMS, SMS
HTC ONE home screen
HTC ONE home screen
Music and Multimedia
GPS Navigation                Yes
Music Player                     Yes
Speaker Phone                 Yes
Bluetooth                            Yes, v4.0 with aptX™ enabled
                                           Supported Profiles: HSP 1.2, HFP 1.6,
                                           OPP, FTP, PBA, A2DP 1.2, AVRC 1.3,
                                           HID, PAN, MAP
E-Mail Client                       Yes
Memory                              2GB RAM - 64GB internal
Operating System               Google Android
PC Sync                              Yes
Processor                            1.7GHz quad-core

                                            Snapdragon 600
USB Port                             Yes
Web Browser                      Yes
Wi-Fi                                   Yes: IEEE 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n
Alarm                                  Yes
Calculator                           Yes
Calendar                             Yes
To-Do List                           Yes
Voice Recorder                   Yes
Phone Book
Multi Numbers per Name    Yes
Photo Caller ID                    Yes
Ringer ID                             Yes
Voice Dialing                       Yes
Other Features
Adjustable Text Size             Yes
Flight Mode                          Yes
Multiple Languages              Yes
Vibrate Alert                         Yes