Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kind of 24 hours a day, I am trying to do many things! Also, Trying to learn as many as materials I can!

This would be best described for Technology!?
I was trying to help some people who are asking question about iPhone, android and mobile phones system and software stuff. Also, it is not from 8am to 5pm like that normal day of life stance. Because it is online accept questions and answering them. So that means, I need to check almost all the time like 24 hours a day right now, if anyone asked question about anything. Well, it is a good thing that I can help people who needs technology and system of Software. I am not tried to answer the questions about what I know and trying to learn some more new things everyday. When anyone asked me any questions if I don't know, I learned and researched about it then answer the questions. I just know that what to research and learn quickly for those who needs for help. I just try my best for all the time. Here is same thing, people can ask me anything about technology and science matters. Actually, I decided to research and watch technological matter and new mobile phones information. It's Sunday, but still I like to do that now.



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