Friday, September 23, 2005

Hopefull for my life!

Finally, I wrote second Blog in my site.

I was so busy after fall semester start..... I wanted to write some essay and Blog in here, but I did not have chance to write anything... That is so bad. Anyway, I am so bad on first Ecology Exam on Tuesday, I got 60.5% and hope I will get 67.8% end of next week. I hope someone can help me to write a paper this weekend or maybe tomorrow.... Hopefully by tomorrow! This weekend, I need to study for “Genetics” and “Organic Chemistry.” That so much sit stuff, and I don’t want to study on my birthday but I have to study this time… Because on Monday I have Genetics Exam and after that I need to study for Exss 1000 Final Exam! I am not well enough to take that exam, but I need to take that Exam…. Well, I hope I will have a great time this weekend, and I hope I will be ok. Tomorrow, my friend helps me to get out of the Ecology stupid questions, and hope I will have 5 points of that question answer to add my first exam! That way, I will get possible for my grade for Ecology Lecture class a B!

I wish I am very good at using in English, however, I am still learning in English and wish I could use translator for my first Exam at Ecology class. However, my professor is very not understandable person. I am sure he is not stupid, but he won’t understand what students need to his teaching! Anyway, I will be quiet until my headache harder.

Wish my luck this weekend and next week of Exams!

Have a great weekend everyone!