Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday night dinner... Well, still outside is not getting Dark

I had a dinner tonight around 5:30pm, and it was not night yet. I was trying to watch some TV show which is "Monday Late Night Show". I haven't watching that TV show for few weeks because I couldn't find to watch it for few week. haha. Well, I was eating left over from today's lunch which is Gyudon and miso soup. That's most of my dinner for now. I may eat later again some small meal again. But I am not sure if I will eat or not. Yes of course, I use Fire King Dishes, but this time I use Jadeite series one. Also, I use bowl for rice, but breakfast deep bowl for miso soup. I just wanted to use for those dishes for dinner. Also, I was think to make another dish meal, but I decided to not. Well, I hope everyone will enjoy for all you are going to eat dinner and hope have a great night!

This is my dinner tonight.
seems like still middle of the day... 

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