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第2話 視聴率 16.8% (関東地区) : Legal High 2 Episode 2 : リーガルハイ2 第2話

 Legal High 2: Ep. 2 
   リーガルハイ2 第2話  
Legal High 2 (Japanese Drama) of second episode was on TV on Wednesday October, 16th, and it had audience rating was 16.8% around in Tokyo Area. It is still high rating and Kansai Area keeped over 20% of audience rating. That was a good number for rating, and it was a nice going on for second episode.

Ms. Mayuzumi (黛弁護士)

Lawyers Mr. Komikado and Ms.Mayuzumi
Well, here is some of summary of episode 2 for Legal High 2.  Ms. Mayuzumi Lawyer  was reading some manga from book, and Mr. Komikado Lawyer was discussion about that her action. Then both of them went to talk with Ms. Ando who hired once but Mr. Komikado is losing for the case so she didn't want to talk anymore right now. Well, they were talked little bit then... Ms. Ando is gone. After all that happen, both lawyers went back to their home/office, and Mr. Hattori (secretary) is told Ms. Mayuzumi for that manga's story was based on a person and having web live video that time. Mr. Komikado and Ms. Mayuzumi were watching  that show then Mr. Komikado decided to meet with him.

Mr. Komikado was doing case

Ms. Ando (死刑判決が決まっている安藤さん役の小雪さん)
When Mr. Komikado was talking to Mr. Ayukawa and trying to give him to hire him as his lawyer, but Mr. Ayukawa was not really want to get any lawyer.  Also, he just said that "I won't hire any lawyer and will be going to have case by myself." That is why Mr. Ayukawa was going to talk with Mr. Komikado to know who and what kind of lawyer to against for all. One of Mr. Ayukawa's case had against a manga writer which is Ms. Tamakawa. Then, Mr. Hanyu lawyer was helping her, but Mr. Ayukawa is almost going to win for this case. However, Mr. Komikado is trying to help and suggest her and trying to win this case. 

Mr. Ayukawa (鮎川光)

Ms. Tamakawa Manga
All that goes, Mr. Ayukawa was withdraw the lawsuit for all cases. Then Mr. Komikado was talking to Mr. Ayukawa after cases is over, and his answer of this case and told him that "you use me for this case, isn't it?" Well, that is right for all his case what he tried to do. Oh well, this is over now and then Mr. Komikado and Ms. Mayuzumi were talking to Ms. Ando, and Ms. Ando is going to agree to go through her case with them and trying to change her court decision was made. Then next episode.... TO BE CONINUTED.


Will you continue to watch this drama ?

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