Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Almost, 5,000 page view for monthly count!

Near my house in Greenville, NC
I have been update for everyday like more than twice a day now, and each page view is going up to almost 100 after few days of post, and now total page view is nearly 5000 for a month. I am so glad to people reading this blog, and I am really thank you for all people who are coming back to read my blog everyday or every time I posted. This is my blog for seems like daily now. haha. Well, I am hopping that I will post more blog and more information about any kind of events or so on. I am trying to find out any excitement for everyday of my life. So, I can update my blog as many as I can. Still take little bit more time to write down sometime. But STILL I am glad to see that near 5,000 page views for a month. I really really happy about that. Well, a lot of time I forgot to update for this blog before, but I am trying to catch up all what I missed for many times. Well, this is my stuff and what I like to do right now. I am hopping that people who like to read a blog for update ones, I am really appreciated to come back and look at my blog! Thank you so much!!!! I hope I will have enough information for all of you who read it. I hope you will have a great day tomorrow!!!

This was this year Feburary in near Greenville, NC

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