Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Keiji no Manazashi : Eye of detective (刑事のまなざし)

昨日、「刑事のまなざし」というドラマが月曜日の夜8時から日本でスタートしました。このドラマは今年の12月まで放送される予定になっています。まずは最初の第1話を見てから次を続けてみるかを決めようと思って見ることにしました。 でも、まだ次を見るか決めていません。だからといってこのドラマが悪いということではありません。むしろ良いドラマであると思いました。主人公が事件に遭遇してそれを独自の方法で解決して行くといったところなどはよい点であると思います。だが、月曜日の8時に時間を費やしてまで見るかというと。。。う~ん、悩みどことです。 見るとしたなら、何話かを一気に続けてみてみたいといった感じのドラマでした。まぁ、まずは第1話といいますか、まだ他のドラマが出揃ってないので。。。それに半沢直樹のように心を打つといった感じのドラマではないというのも決め手にかけていました。


From screenshot

Mr. Natsume, Nobuto (Detective)

East Ikebukuro, Tokyo
Mr. Fukumoti, Seichi (Detective)
Mr. Nagamine, Wataru (Detective)
Ms. Natsume, Emi (Mr. Natsume's daughter) 
Yesterday, Eye of detective (刑事のまなざし)  started in Japan, and this drama is on TV at 8pm on Mondays every week until December this year. I watched this drama for first episode, and I am not sure yet if I want to watch next one yet. However, this drama was pretty good, and better than I thought. The main character has a great sense of humor, and he is the one will be going to solve all happening and crimes. But is that worth to spend time to watch every Monday 8pm....? I don't think that much wanted to see this one. Maybe, I like to watch some of them for continuously for one day, but not every Mondays. But this is first episode and and not really come to my mind like Hanzawa Naoki. So it is hard to judge. Well, "What do you think about this story?"  I will post some post some of the drama picture below. Well, if I want to say some summary of this first episode of this drama is ..... The main detective, Nobuto Natsume, he will have a case of arson attack at a person's house. When detectives are arrived the place where it had fire, and they know a person was dead after went to hospital. Then, Mr. Natsume met a boy when he was playing UFO catcher at Game Center (which was he was trying to talk to the boy). Well, after all story is going on, Mr. Natsume will find the criminal who she/he is. I can not tell that more than this. I think some people are still not seen this yet.  Well, enjoy watching this drama!

From Screen shot

Ms. Adachi, Ryoko (Detective)

They were having gatherings

Mr. Kikuchi, Taiga (detective)


Mr. Maeda, Yuma and Mrs. Maeda, Keiko

Mrs. Tanabe, Kumiko (Psychological Counselor)

Mrs. Natsume, Minayo (Mr. Natsume's wife)
Episode 1: Omelet rice 
Hopefully, everyone enjoy this drama!


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