Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My dessert TODAY

I came back from Tutoring session to my home and first thing I did was eating some snack. Also, that snack was late last night I bought from store. It is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Halloween ones again. I was so hungry some reasons, and I just wanted to eat anyway something quickly and make my stomach not hungry any at all. So I can work on research and other things for all of that. It is my daily work for learning and researching new technology and other things, but right now I am still eating and typing this blog! I took some picture of the Doughnuts on the plate. I really wish you could taste this Doughnuts. It is sweet but is a great one! I hope you have some enjoyable time for your daily life, and I wish I could talk about more things. I will write new blog for technology and information little bit more soon. I am not going to eat all of them just two or maybe three....

Dessert :  Fire King Alice serise Vitrock/Blue Trim dishes
Doughnuts and Coffee


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