Wednesday, October 16, 2013

dinner! 夕食軽いものに。。。

My dinner was a lite dinner tonight, and I am not sure if I may be having another late meal tonight before I go to bed if I get hungry. Well, I am just trying to eat some for quickly and try to eat some a good one. I know that I have left over from two days ago Gyu-do's meat and soup. So I decided to eat small meal like that one. Then, I was thinking to put an egg with that, so at least I have a good meal to eat for quick one. When I came home from work, I was thinking that make some a good dinner. However, I was little bit tired and not really myself to make a meal for dinner. So I looked at refrigerator then found that gyu-do base. Well, that would make quick dinner and just that will be ok for now. I think I will be ok. After all. Oh yes, I just want to eat small meal anyway. So I will be ok. I use a small bowl from Fire King Ivory. It is really simple and not much to say that one. :D

Gyu-don (牛丼)

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