Thursday, June 30, 2011

Already JULY!

Actually, today is July 1st in Japan.... I am little bit nervous about going to apply for VISA next week on Thursday.... wish I am not worried about this so much....

Well, today... I will go to have fun playing Pachinko! That will be fun and good way to spend a day once a week or so... lol Only Japan I can play it... lol

Well hope I will not lose a lot of money.... ahahaha

here is what I will go for...

Supre Sea Story Okinawa 2

I like this cute characters... lol

Well hope I will have a fun time!

What's going on....

I am so happy for today in the morning, which I can enjoy have free time for myself. However, I didn't have much things to do.... so I decided to watch some TV, and cleaning. Then I went to Minamata City for taking care of my mother's car. After that, it was really bad raining around here.... I got really wet and hate it. (ToT)

I wish I didn't need to do anything... lol

Well hopefully, I have a lot of fun anyway.

Oh by the way, in Japan having a lot of earthquakes everywhere... Also, several concern is coming out too... Well, I guess it should be ok...

I can not wait to go back to Greenville, NC

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It looks like...

Outside is really great weather around here, and I am so happy to see that anyway. However, it's way too hot.... (ToT)...

Well I am ok for that and it's really good weather anyway, just only hot and humid too much. lol I just need to think what I can do and when I can clean house anyway.

here is today's one picture!(今日の一枚)

outside from my house
I think you can tell it's nice weather and good way to go outside if you like to just hot and humid.... Well I am living in countryside so it's like this anyway.

I hope we will have some rain or cloudy days so I can clean my house for not too hot! lol

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Actually, tonight in Kumamoto had Magnitude 4.1 earthquake. I didn't feel it anything because I was little bit far from center of the earthquake, but I was surprised that new when it came on TV. Also, I check it on website it showed that Kumamoto's earthquake. wow

here is the picture of it.
earthquake map from
I think this shows around here still active earthquake and need to prepare for earthquake anyway.

Hopefully, no one had anything damaged.

got new stuff...

I got one new stuff. that mean it is without me there in Greenville... lol Also, I even didn't know that when I order, and it comes to there... so I was surprised about it.... My roommate told me that it came to there at my apartment after I left, and I was not sure what it is... but I think I remember that I order it. :)

I am happy to see it, and here is what it is

Fire King Cup and Saucer..
well tell me what it is... since I don't see it yet... ;(

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bad, good, between?

Weather was not good this morning, and I was walking my dog in the raining..., but one or two hours later, weather was getting good and had sun shine comes out. It was better than I thought of it. Then evening, it was not much better ... just between good and bad. So today was strange weather around here... lol

Well I am ok anyway lol

Hopefully, this week I will have better weather, so I can start working on cleaning inside my house!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here is outside view from my house.

it's cloudy outside lol

you can see a lot of nature :)

typhoon's cloud
This is what I see a lot of time from today, and I have no idea how long this weather last. ahaha

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Went to Antique Store

I went to Antique Store in Kumamoto, it was first time I went to there, but I felt like not first time I visit there. Also, the store owner was so nice and great person. I first time someone in my home prefecture to meet a person to have some nice meeting!

I took some pictures, which not much to took, but I want to post here.




I am sure you can tell that it's a lot of things you can see in this store! I hope this store will go on more and more!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Free day

June 24th, I am so happy that these day's because here didn't have much rain. So I could do some cleaning. I like that so much.

However, it's way too hot! I can not believe that much hot.... Well, I am sure this weather won't be long time for these days, because Typhoon is coming near here... lol

I hope I will have a good time!

oh tomorrow, I will go to antique store in Kumamoto!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

second day of Japan lol

June 23rd, today I went to cut hair, take picture for VISA, and went shipping in Minamata City. It was nice to go there and I really like that. Also, I was clean up my room since my mother was putting a lot of stuff... so I need to change my room anyway!

Well just much thing done yet, but tomorrow I will do as much as I can!

have a great night! lol

Oh, I think I will go to Antique store in Kumamoto this Saturday, and maybe  take some pictures there. I will up here if I go there! I promise that! ahaha

Hopefully, I will have a good time!



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Japan

Today, it was first day of staying in Japan, and I was having a great time! I think that was really good and I like that though. I came back to Japan at 5am this morning, but I actually come back to home around 12pm. Because I needed to take another flight from Tokyo and it was 2 hours flight then I took bus and my mother pick me up. Well, but still better than most of my previous trip back to Japan.

YEAH, I will have a great time in Japan!

I will go to visit "nico" ahaha

Tuesday, June 21, 2011



I am arrived at Tokyo Airport in Haneda!

I am ok now! hopefully, I will have a safe another flight! Today is June 22nd, 5am in Japan


Taking flight will be long time to go back to Japan... 
I left Raleigh and went to Cleveland, OH then were going to Los Angles, CA

After that I left CA around 1:10am then arrive at 5am in Tokyo and take another to Kumamoto at 8am.

finally arrived at Kumamoto is 10am.

So wish me luck!

Have a great flight to Tokyo!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Well enough...

This is last one day before I won't see  my collection for two months...!

I am little bit sad to not able to use or see them, but I am sure I will be ok.

Here is my pictures!

Pyrex Gold Butterfly Mug

Fire King Brown Mug 

Fire King logo

Pyrex Mugs
I bought Pyrex Mugs for five, but I actually will give to my friends for present. So I will bring back to Japan for two of them... so it's missing.

Well enjoy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today, I was actually stressed out...

But I will be fine, and I hope so!

I also finish download for my roommate about Japanese drama with subtitle which 2008 drama... lol It's call Ally of Justice.... ahaha

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today, I made several coffee with several different cups.

I was wondering which one would be looks good with coffee and make me happy... but I couldn't decide it after all. That was stupid, and I am sure that was wasted to do.... Well, I found one thing, I like to see all of them.

here you can see

Pyrex Old Town Blue Cup 

Fire King Teal Trim

Fire King Swirl Azurite

Pyrex Butterfly Gold Cup

Pyrex Old Town Blue Mug

Pyrex Tableware Mug

All coffee with cups...
which one would be best?
You can see that what I was really doing...  :P

Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17th

Finally, I got Mug for Mickey again. I am glad to have a great mug. I wanted to have that Pepsi Collection Series mug.

Fire King Mickey Mug

Fire King Mickey Mug
Pepsi logo
Also, finally I got 8 cups, which are Pyrex and Fire King Coffee Cups

Pyrex Tableware
"Pyrex Tableware by Corning"

Fire King Coffee Cup

Pyrex Coffee Cup
I bought three different cups style, but two of them are same color and shape, but different company.

left is Pyrex and right is Fire King

Pyrex 4 cups

Pyrex and fun design for picture!
I love both of them

Rebound (Japanese Drama)

I really like this "Rebound (リバウンド)" Japanese drama. I usually like to watch a lot of drama, but it's only 11 or 12 episodes. Japanese dramas are usually 11 to 13 episodes for most of them. Well, I like that way so I can see a lot of dramas in the year.

Oh come back to my topic. The "Rebound" is a good drama to watch for me, and it is so fun to watch when I have free time. Also, that drama make me laugh a lot.




This is what it is drama I am watching it :D

Thursday, June 16, 2011

got some fever?>_<~!

OMG! I can not believe that I got some fever today... But I am sure it will be ok. I sleep all day long, so should be ok after all... lol

I hope everything is ok after all... I bought some souvenir for my mother, but it's cost me around $250... :( too much lol

Well hopefully it is ok.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Now, fun nights and days!

It's been great time staying in America and hope I will be have a great times for being in the USA.

I haven't been thinking about that long time, but now recognized that I am having a great things.

Here I got some stuff. I was so happy to see that. That is Fire King Mug Cup.
Fire King McDonald's Mug from Canada
but it is made in USA
I finally get this Mug and hopefully I will use this mug! I kind of this is my favorite one, but I have my favorite mug in here, but it's different from this.

Oh yeah other ones I got ones are here

Fire King Snoopy Mugs
5 sets of mugs. (still not all)
All of these mugs are what I got so far...  Well I will not get any more until sometime later this year.... lol

Fire King Swirl All Cups and Saucers
I don't have Jadiete one
 This is my favorite Cups and Saucers! I am so Happy to HAVE like this but I don't have Jadiete one. I don't think I will be able to find one that soon anyway.... So Maybe someday, I will find and put on there next to all!

Fire King Ivory Casserole 

Fire King Davy Crockett Bowls Brown (not good shape)

Fire King Davy Crockett Bowls Brown

Fire King Ivory Chili Bowl

Fire King 50th Anniversary 16oz Measuring Cup

Fire King Ivory 6" comport
Finally, I got one comport for Fire King Series, but Only this would be mine. Because I don't have much things to put and maybe I can not think that what I want to put there. Well maybe snack or something... but I don't much to eat snack... lol :P

Well hopefully one day, I will have my own collection of display ahaha.

I will miss all of these when I am in Japan....

BOught a gREat DeaL!

I bought some stuff before I go back to Japan... That was a great deal!

here is some of them

Fire King Davy Crockett Bowls Red and Blue

Fire King Swirl White Cup and Saucer

Pyrex Sugar and Creamer

Fire King / Anchor Hocking Snoopy Mug
Fire King Snoopy Mug
I enjoy to have these new stuff! I am so happy to buy these mugs and bowls so on!

Happy Happy Fire King ITEMS!

Kind of ....

I am little bit tired today....

Well tonight, I have to get some souvenir for my friends, family and so on....

Well, I will be busy for next few days.....    

New Fire King Pictures

Here is what I got last few weeks of New Fire-King Collection. ahaha

May 26th, 2011(5月26日)

Fire King Turquoise Blue Three-part Oblong

Anchor Hocking (Fire King) "Teal Trim"
I bought these two at Grifton, NC which is in Antique Store. It calls "Some Like It Old Antique Mall". I really like that place and I usually find there less expensive. But not too much to spend.

May 27th ~ May 31st, 2011(5月27日〜5月29日)

Fire King Alice Plate

Fire King Alice Cup, Saucer, and Plate
These are Fire King Alice Series. I like this one. It calls Fire King Alice Vitrock / Blue Trim. I only have one set of this item. I wish I could get more than one set, but it is hard to find one like this.

June 1st, 2011 (6月1日)

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Cup and Saucer 

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Fruit or Dessert Bowl

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Vegetable Bowl

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Salad Plate

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Dinner Plate

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Oval Platter

Fire King Swirl Sunrise All Set
Here is what I got for a lot of thing which is almost all set of one kind of Fire King Set. I bought this one as set, and shipped from somewhere in the USA. I was little bit disappointed that two of them were broken. But other than that was ok. I am sure that still this is awesome!

set up as dinning table
Looks like this would be a great dinner table, and I am sure food would looks good! aha

June 4th, 2011 (2011年6月4日)
Fire King Bubble Blue Salad Dish 

Fire King Bubble Blue Sets

Fire King (anchor hocking) Disney Glass Mug

Anchor Hocking McDonald with Garfield

Anchor Hocking McDonald with Garfield

Fire King Candleglow Bowl with Handle

Fire King Candleglow Casserole 

Fire King Candleglow Casserole Cake Dish

Fire King Fire King 350
Here is what I got from an Antique Shop! I love to see all of these, but usually I won't get it like this. However, I found these with my friends and they help me a lot. I am so happy to hear that. I am happy to find that Disney glass mug. I like that glassware of Disney.

June 10th, 2011 (2011年6月10日)
Fire King Turquoise Blue Salad Bowl

Fire King Azurite Charm Creamer and Sugar Cups

Fire King Azurite Charm Creamer and Sugar Cups 2

Fire King Swirl Azurite Cup & Saucer
Last one of this day's picture was which I was missing long time, and finally I got from an internet website. I was looking for everywhere but I couldn't find one. So I finally decided to look internet again, then I found one. That was a great deal and I got discount! yay!

June 14th 2011...

Please look at my June 15th, 2011 blog Later day one!