Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iPad Air

iPad and iPad mini
Yesterday, Apple Inc. has announced that iPad and iPad mini. I was reading what it is new feature and so 
(昨日、アップル社の方からiPadとiPad miniの新作発表がありました。今朝になってもう一度新しい)
on. Well, iPad is now called iPad Air and has new design for all advance technology for one pound 
(機能等の読み返しをしてました。まぁ、今回のiPadはiPad Airという名前になり1ポンドという軽さ)
(454g) now. That is 28% lighter than previous design one and has 20% thinner than last one. But it is not 
too different from outside design from previous ones like iPad 2 to iPad 4. That part is little bit 
disappointed for many people. But it has been chance for thinner and lighter weight, and speed of 
processor. So that part is a good for many people who does not have iPad before. I like that part of 
product, but still not way too much different from iPad 2 ~ iPad 4 for some of them. Maybe, next year 
Apple will change for iPad design? or not. But it is not call anymore for iPad with number. This year, it is 
called iPad Air. So it is changed that way and this mean iPad Air will have some kind of influence for 
(今年からiPad Airとなっています。これによってMacBook Air等にも少しは影響があるかと思いま)
MacBook Air later? or next year? Well, Apple will have some kind of product changed soon I hope!

iPad Air
 Looking at this you can see some design changes, but can't see too much change from previous iPad.
iPad Air

iPad Air with covers

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