Friday, October 11, 2013

A Great Fun Event in October is Japanese Table Talk!

Japanese Table Talk on October 11th, 2013
I already said that early today that Japanese Table Talk was going to hold tonight, and I was going to go there. Well, I went to there, and I was trying to help some of stuff. Also, trying to figure out that what kind of event will be there. First, kids are going to practice for Christmas song, and who organized this helping kids to sing songs. That was a good moment to watch and mothers are watching their kids during that time. After that practice was finish, we started Japanese Table Talk now. The first thing is getting food from everyone brought to there, and same time I and my friends are trying to write and make birthday card for this month birthdays' people. When people are getting their food to table where we sat and talk during eating time. So that time is just talking and eating time for everyone. What we talk about there... Well, that is depend on what people want to talk about. I usually sat down with usually people. But this time one of my friend came there first time, so I decided to sit down with them. That was a good change for me sometime, also it was a good thing for talking different people who coming to there.

Halloween Taking Picture for Family

We had some Happening to get blackout during Table Talk.
After finishing up eating, kids start playing games and making cushion for corner tables, and we start having more talking on the table since kids are having a good time playing game and making cushions. Also, during that time organizer and other people are trying to take picture at picture booth like above I showed one picture. During that time, we had so much fun with all people. That was a great Japanese Table Talk, but suddenly it had blackout! Everyone stopped talking and trying to figure out what's going on around us. That wasn't expected to happen this time. But it had. Well, after 10 minutes or so, light are back. It was just few moment of blackout. So that was ok. Then we had Pastor Yokoi's speech about a Japanese doctor's story. That was a good story to hear from him. Then final event is singing to birthday of this month people. That will be all for This Japanese Table Talk!  I am glad to went to there. I am hopping that I will be able to go there as many as I can.


Halloween Season!
I hope everyone will have some kind of a great event, and you will have a great time with that!

Have a great weekend!

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