Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have a final exam tomorrow, and that is last final exam for my semester. I can not believe that Spring 2011 is almost over for me. I usually don't think about it is over or not over. But now it is almost over.

However, I got really bad headache and fever right now... wish to no health condition like this one day before final exam. I went to health center today and got several medicine. I am hopping that will work and I am ok to take the exam.

well not well enough to write something right now... tomorrow, I will write more!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now, I need to make a CV

Today, I have little bit time to make a CV (curriculum vitae), but I am not sure what to write about it.

I am trying to do that for applying a job, but I am not sure what is right. Also, it does not have what it is right and not right form to write. But this makes my applying a job decision difference. I am so not good at writing this, but well just trying to write one. Hopefully, that is ok with them.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Classes are Finished now.

I am so happy that my classes are finished, and now just waiting to take a final and a presentation to go this semester. I am hopping to see my grades so far but professors are not yet to give us back yet...

I am kind of scary that I am going to get a better grade for this semester or not. I hope I did everything ok and hope everything else will be going to be ok.

I am really worried about what's going on now.

Well I will be ok.

I am really tired today but hopefully tomorrow won't have much going on.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

good weekend

I had a good weekend, but I had little bit sad weekend too. Because some of my friend at ECU, they will be gone after this semester.

Three of them will be gone because they are graduating, and that is a good thing for them. Congratulations!!!

I am so happy to see them today and this weekend. But that makes me little bit sad.

Also, one of my friend is leaving after this semester because she was exchange student at ECU. I am glad that she had a great semesters and had a great year long stay in the USA and Greenville, NC.

Well hope next year, we will have a great year and having great people again like we did this year.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Final Week is coming!

The Final Week will start next week. My classes are already finished, and now I need to prepare for Finals. That will be really different from what I am doing usual. Also, that is really busy week start too. This final will make my grades covered 40 to 50% and I really not ready for final yet.

Well just need to study for my all classes, and prepare for what I can do right now. Also, I need to start organizing my DropBox for my Graduate Assistant job. It's a lot things going but I like my GRA job!

That is my good time and really have a great opportunity to work with my wonderful professor. She is really nice and wonderful person ever I work with. She is Reading Education professor, and her research interests is similar to my thought when I wanted to get this GRA job. I am really happy to have this job anyway. Now, I need to finish working on my part of Graduate Research Assistant and finish for this semester work.

I will miss until I can work there again.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Final week start soon!

Today was the last day of the classes at ECU for Tuesdays and Thursdays classes. I only have Tuesdays and Thursdays classes for this semester in 2011.

I can not believe that my all classes are finished for lectures, and now left is finals. I can not believe that finals are next week. After that we are all done and start summer vacation. Well, my summer vacation is after June 20th. Because I have summer job and will take some class. I am so happy to have some kind of class and job.

I just really wish to have some kind of stuff doing anyway. I am going to take some vacation after all.
Now, I am just worried about how's final exams turned out. Well, I just study for finals until I take them so I will get some good grades :-)

I just need to have good weekend before final start and need to have some kind of prepare things.

Oh wow, shouldn't forget about my projects and so on!

Well I hope everything is going well

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20th, 2011

Today, I found my friend comment and message about ECU. That is a great thing to read from who were at ECU and left from here. Also, that helps people to understand what kind of things, and what would be a great things at ECU. However, that message was not only good things, but need to have all over things. Good things are good for people to know, but they need to know all things.

here is my friend's website you can take a look at

I like that ECU is good place to study. In fact that we have a lot of things are going on, and people should know all that. Well, if people knows all of stuff maybe not really be ok. But just looking at good things are not helping all the time. sometime you know and understand of bad things that helps for preparing to coming here too. I learned a lot of things during staying here in Greenville, NC, and I am thinking that it is not much different from Japan. When you are getting used to living here, that would make you to think same as where you lived.

I am sure only few months to one year would not hurt to come here and spend time, but if you live more than 3 or 4 years, you will know the differences between Japan and USA, but also you know similar things too!

I really think that is a good thing to living another country for long time and know people around where you live. Also that helps your life to expand your thought anyway.

Well, I just want to post about ECU below with pictures!
football stadium at ECU

ECU students and people

this is art building at ECU

I thought I have some more pictures but I don't think I have here on this computer, and maybe I will post more on later today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I got new Fire King

I got new Fire King from my friends, and that was my 10th years anniversary living in America!
This is Fire King Cherry Blossom 

Fire King Snoopy

Fire King Candle Custard Cup

Fire King Kimberly Bowl and Cups
Those are pictures of that Fire King.

I really like them and Thank you so much my friends!

I found a picture where I helped my tutoring kids who is my newest student in Greenville, NC now.
This was presentation about Japan when my friends
presented at Winter Green Primary School
I am so happy to see this picture! Because actually shows my student and I were trying to teach something to his class during presentation about Japan.

I am hopping to do this more and more soon!

Here is my dear friend's blog! if you have time please visit there too!


Monday, April 18, 2011

TODAY IS an Important DAY!

Today is an important day for me. Because 10 years ago of today is my first day to arrive in the USA. So it's meaning 10th Anniversary of living in America and today is really good day of my life. I can not believe that I have been living in the USA for 10 years! YAY it's a really great thing, and I am really waiting for this day is coming to me. Tomorrow will start 11th years of living in the USA, but I hope I will live in America for long long long time.

I am hopping to get a job after all my graduate study finish, and still live in America somehow. It is a good thing that America is welcome to people from outside, and it is great opportunity for me to live in here. Also, I like Japan where I came from, but I really like the US more. when I first came here, I felt I am home. I don't think that is not right thing to think about it sometime, but I am sure that was what I first thought about arriving here 10 years ago.

Now, I have basic living system and things in here, and I am really having a great time with my friends. I don't think I can go back to Japan, and build up friends, social communication, and so on. I can not image that go through.... I am Japanese still, but I feel like I am becoming an American, and I want to be become an American after all. I just really wish that I can have Green Card or something permanent to live in the US.

I will finish my degree soon, and will go get a job I hope and I'll try to get one anyway. Also, that would make myself more and more being in here and allowing me to be here. I just don't know yet what kind of job position I can get yet, but I am sure I will work somewhere and somehow. I don't care to live in big city and get a job there. However, it is a good thing that would happen to me.

I am trying to know what kind of thing will be my future job. I am good at teaching or working with students. Also, I really like working and spending time what I am good at.
I love reading books and make my knowledge growing every time I read something. This will make my future job and comes to me somehow. I am sure my future vision is a lot more goes on. Now, I am going to get a job in here, but I am still a graduate school student. But it is a good opportunity that I can work something like Graduate Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant, or Graduate Research Assistant at university.

If people want to come here, I would recommend that any kind of job opportunity you have you take it.
That way, you can improve yourself, and also you will make yourself better.

Well (hopefully), anything you do that makes your future is a good way and making you to be a better person anyway.

10 years of living here is great thing.

Hope I will continue to live in America next 10 years, 20 years, and so on.

this is silly me but this year picture!

this is myself on April 18th, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tomorrow is...

Today is one day before my an important day, and it was very nice day after all.
I am so happy that today was not like yesterday and it was a great day. I can not believe that we had Tornald Warning.

I am hopping to so something tomorrow and do spend time something really a good time. I need to have one day like this. But I am not sure what I am going to do yet. I can not believe something like this day is in my life, and it is and will be the most important day in the year.

Tomorrow's post is a good thing.:-)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I have funny pictures....

I usually go to a school on Friday and teach some middle school students at Chocowinity. It has been pleasure to teach and doing research them this past few months, and last Friday which yesterday was the last day to visit there.

this is where I go and doing teaching there.

this is funny picture is no where just way to go school
and see this 
Here is some pictures I took around there and way go there.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fire King Mug

Today, I wanted to post some Mugs of Fire King. I got some Mugs from several places, and it is not around here in Greenville, NC. However, it is nice to have all of them. (今日はファイヤーキングのマグについてのせようと思います。マグカップを数個手に入れました。でもここの近くでかってきたという事ではないのですが、やはり使いやすく日本人の方にはちょうどあった大きさのカップではないかと思います。)

This is Fire King Kimberly Orange Mug

This is Fire King Kimberly Blue Mug

This is Fire King Kimberly Mugs

This is Fire King Bird Mugs

This is Snoopy Fire King Mug
"I'm not worth a thing before coffee break"

This is Fire King Sonnies Mug

This is Fire King Mugs Collection

These are just part of Fire King Mugs, and I have just like that much and won't be able to buy all anyway. But Fire King Mugs are total more than 300 different things.... so I think no way to get all anyway. I like most of Snoopy Mug. Because it has some kind of writing back of cup, and snoopy is cute character. I really enjoy having that mug. I think I will get one more Snoopy Mug if I possible to buy one.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Finally, I am getting better and good health condition. But still having some fever left over.... But it's just need to get some sleep.

Oh tomorrow, I will go back to school like one week from last time I am in school. I can not believe that much sick I got for past week. I haven't been like this sick before and first time ever I got this. I wish I were not sick during this time of year.

Oh well, I just need to study study for final exams coming soon!

Hopefully, I will be ok.

I hope everyone have a great week and weekend!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Greenville, NC

Today is not much warm morning to start, but weather says supposed to high temperature rise up to 86F(30C) Degrees. It's cloudy outside and not really good weather.

I still have little bit fever from Wednesday last week, and I am not sure why I still have it. Also that is why I didn't write down anything on here since last time I update. I wish this fever go away from me as soon as possible since I have a lot of things going on tomorrow. I don't like being sick and going to school, and I have to a lot of things need to catch up this week anyway. Hopefully, I will be able to do all of them.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting better...

I was sick yesterday, and it was really bad. Because I had fever around 102.8F (39.3C) degrees. I couldn't move much other than I took my roommate to school and pick him up. only that time my fever was gone because of medicine. (昨日は病気で寝込んでいました。しかも、かなり悪い状態でした。熱が102.8F(39.3C)度になる程のものでした。動く事ができず何もできなかったのは久しぶりでした。ただ状態がいい時にルームメイトを学校に送っていったくらいです。薬は助かりますね。)

Today, I didn't have anything to do today either since my sickness is still with me and I don't think I will do that anything until I get back well enough.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is my first blog....

I posted all my blog from previous one from 2005 to 2008.

I found that one long time ago started but I have no idea how to combined together until tonight! ahaha


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This morning was...

This morning, it was really really storming around Greenville, NC and had a  severe warning weather. (今朝のグリーンビルはものすごい嵐でした、そして何より警報が出ていたくらいものすごいものでした。)

However, around 11:30am weather was getting better, and looks like really nice after all. Also, outside temperature was not that bad. (しかしながら、11時半すぎには天候は回復してきました。そしてよい天気になったんです。しかも、外の気温はそこまで寒くなかったのです。)

I was at university from this morning to around 1pm then came back to home right now, but I need to go back to take some classes this afternoon after 3:30pm. But it won't be not much going on. (今日は朝から午後1時くらいで学校にいて自宅に戻ってきました。しかしまた3時半からクラスの授業があるので大学に戻ります。といってもそこまで忙しいというわけではないのですが。。。)

I think I should leave soon and hope I will post again later tonight.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Today was really warm day tomorrow, and I think it was really good day. Just little bit even hotter than I was expected. (今日はとてもあたたかな日になりました。そして、思っていた以上に暖かくなりましたがすごくいい人なりました。)

Also, it's not much going on today for me, I was enjoyed my day at home until I had meeting and tutoring... (今日はいろいろな事が夕方くらいからある日だったのでゆっくり過ごす事ができました。)

I watched Drama and reading some book for since I up this morning. It was really enjoyable day and I really like that kind of days! it's so nice and I really really like that way. (そしてドラマを見たり、本を読んだりといろいろな事ができた日でもあります。とても楽しい一日になりました。そしてこういう日が一番いいグリーンビルでも一時になっています。)

Today's one picture.

This picture is in front of my house picture, and it is nice day. I really like this picture when I took one. I hope after tomorrow will be like this.

Have a great day and night!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

FIRE KING is really nice!!!!

Now, I am officially collecting FIRE KING, and will continue it. I am sure that is really cool to have some like old stuff, and that collection is really nice and fit on you. Most of people think that is not really good stuff, but it's just collection for who wants to collect them. I am one of that kind of person.

Here is some collection today I got from some yard sale!
this is Fire King Ivory Casserole Cake Pan Oven 

You can see this item has Rear Stamp.
I bought other stuff too. I put picture below what I found, and what I like about that Mugs of Fire King.

Fire King Color Variation Mugs Collection

I was using some measuring cups this year and it is related to the company after Fire King is gone. But Still they are making some of them now. The company name is "anchor". I am glad to have all that Measuring Cups. (今年になってから使っている計量カップはファイヤーキングという昔の会社から今のアンカーに変わってからも生産されてるものだという事です。今になってやっぱりもっていてよかったと思えるものでした)

this is anchor's measuring cups

Just make some posted!

April started...

It's already April, and I am really really surprised about time goes fast every year.

I wish I were something I can do important for my life soon! (何か自分の人生において重要な事をやり遂げられないかと思う日々があります。)

Well, now I am studying in some stuff at Graduate School, and I am tutoring everyday, but still something I am missing....(今は大学院で勉強をしていて、家庭教師もしています。しかし、何かが足りないような気がするのです。)

I shouldn't think about that, because if I think that, I am going to spend a lot more time than what I need to do.... lol

By the way, I was away from Greenville yesterday, and went to several different places...

I took some pictures, and hope you can see them to know what is around NC. But I don't have picture with this computer right now... so I will put that sometime later tomorrow or on Sunday...