Saturday, December 24, 2011


I made dinner display using Fire King Primrose dishes tonight after I eat dinner. Then I took one picture about that. I just wanted to make Christmas Special Dinner as picture and maybe later day I would be able to eat that one. I was full but I just wanted to make plates for full of food.  I like making that and eat some time but not always. I made some chicken fried and Tuna's Tataki, Salad with white fish meat, rice, some vegetable fried, and coffee.

here is the picture
Christmas Special Dinner
I am happy that I can make something like that but next time I wish that I will have some people eat with me, and hopefully I have a good time with that. I am not sure who would be yet since one year or more from now! I just make better and better for myself to think that what I am going to make next time. Well, it is nice to have my friend around me when I make some food but I am not sure what would make if my friends are here with me. Well, I just like to make something.

Wish You All A Merry Christmas!

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