Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fire King Japan Second Design Series

I almost forgot that Fire King Japan already has second series of design come out on their website shop!
It is nice to know that they are working on that and will be ready to ship within two to three weeks to everyone who are already reservation.
They are making four design of Disney characters and two design of Snoopy Mugs

Here is the all that design and pictures
Mickey Mouse Clue Logo 

Mickey Mouse Old Character Logo

The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of character from Nightmare Before Christmas


DUMBO title logo


Title of Alice logo

Snoopy Design 1

Snoopy Design 2

Snoopy Design 2 back one
I think this will make Japanese people to enjoy for having mugs from official company, and people want to get it all over world. I know that Japanese company of Fire King Japan will ship to everywhere worldwide, so if you want to get a mug from Fire-King Japan. Please go visit their website and ask to buy it! I enjoy having mug from Japan for The First Celebration Design Mugs.
(日本人の方々にはすごく身近に手に入る存在になっていくのではないかと思います。35年もの間止まっていた時計が動き出して、いろいろなマグを作っていってくださるのではと期待しています。それに世界中のほしい方は日本のファイヤーキングジャパンのウェブサイトで見てみればいいのではと思います。世界中どこにでも送ってくださいるものようです。送料は国際料金ですが。もしほしい方はfire-king japanのショップに行かれてみれば購入できるはずです。最初のデザインのマグはすごくいい出来で気軽に楽しめる存在になっています。)

Hopefully, people are enjoy this information!


  1. Ohayou gozaimasu,

    Ogenki desu ka? I hope this post finds you doing well. I have been following your blog about the new Japanese Fire-King being introduced.

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    If I have offended you by this post, I do apologize to you.

    Matane. Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu!


  2. Hello Jay,

    Thank you for posting the information about your site. I am sure I will enjoy looking at the your website.

    I want to ask you a question, but I want to it private, so please contact me on email.

    Thank you
    Eiichi Murakami

  3. Ohayou gozaimasu Eiichi,

    I am sorry for my delay in contacting as you have asked via your blog.

    I sent you a private message and am waiting to hear from you soon! (^_^)

    Yoi ichinichi o!

    Matane. Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu Eiichi!