Friday, December 30, 2011

Review of the Year 2011 Part 7 (last)

Last of the year review of 2011.

This is the last one. That mean it is December. It is the holiday month of the year! I am still on this month, but I can review as I want to until today.

This month is the Christmas event month, holidays, end of year and so on. It is everyone's end of the year~!! It is good thing that we can think about what we were doing all year long and review the year after all. Also, in Japan people will be cleaning end of the month and getting ready for the new year. However, before that I need to review the month of this year! December was the Christmas, holidays and so on. I was busy and busy everyday, but I was enjoying all of events what I had. Also, I got Christmas present from several people and I am so happy about that. I wish I could show all of those what I got in here, but I dont think will be able to do that.  However, this is the gooooooood opportunity that I am doing my reviewing of the year now! So I can be ready for next year and will be ready for next year comes. It's almost new year and two more days left for me. Well, I hope everyone has a great year and end of the year event all over the world! I am hopping that everyone had a great year of 2011 and will have a great time rest of two days of this year. I will have a great time rest of this year and waiting to have new year. Oh yeah, I was really happy that this year, I had a lot of different things and I am thinking about a lot of changes. I hope next year will be like this all year long good happen and hopefully that will make me happy and happy everyday of my life!

Also, today and tomorrow I will have a party for myself and using fire king dishes to have a lot of food! ahaha I will be happier than ever this year long! ahaha

Well, everyone has a great days!

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